Team of Ukraine at IMO

Team of Ukraine at IMO

The selection of the Ukrainian team for the IMO has ended. The last appeal made changes at the top of the final table. All results are given on the site. Here is our team that from July 13 to July 23 will represent our country at the 58th International Mathematical Olympiad in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

1. Anton Trigub (Kyiv, Gymnasium "Academy")

2. Oleg Rudenko (Kharkiv, FML No 27)

3. Ilya Koval (Kharkiv, "Academic Gymnasium" No 45)

4. Ngog Ngok Thai Sean (Kharkiv, FML No. 27)

5. Sarapin Roman (Kharkiv, FML No 27)

6. Heorhiy Ivanchyk (Kyiv, CPL No. 171 "Leader")

7. Fam Hoang Viette (Kharkiv, FML No 27) (spare)

We hope that the team will perform better than last year, but we hope for it every year. Therefore, let them simply show their result so as not to get sick, not to get over the touch, etc….

The team's training program will still hold 2 eight-day meetings:

– from May 14 to May 21 (Teacher Golovanov Oleksandr);

– from 02 to 09 June (teacher Gavrilyuk Andrey).

Upon completion within a month, our participants will prepare at home under the guidance of their teachers, who were the organizers of such success of their students. I hope that they will successfully plan the preparation and respite of our Olympians, and all our participants will arrive in South America in good condition. Let me remind you that in order to acclimatize, the whole team plans to arrive in Brazil on July 13.



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