Selection of Kyiv team for the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Mathematics

Selection of Kyiv team for the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Mathematics

The following rounds of selection of kyiv team for the IV stage are selected:

Sunday, February 12th, at 10.00;

Sunday, February 19, at 10.00;

Sunday, February 26, at 10.00.

The tours will be held in the audience of 39 (8th and 10th grades) and audience of 43 (9th and 11th grades) of the Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. The audience for the jury is 221.

Appeals will be held on Tuesday, February 21 and 28 in an audience of 221 faculty of computer science and cybernetics at 3 p.m.

Upon completion of the second appeal at the jury meeting on February 28, the selection summary will be summed up. That is, either a fully formed team or an additional 4th round will be appointed for this purpose to determine it finally.

This year's All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Mathematics (STAGE IV) will be held in Chernihiv. The scheduled dates are March 20-24. Unlike last year, the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad will be held in full volume, that is, as always for students of 8 – 11 grades. Thanks to the help of the heads of the department, concerned with gifted children at the Institute for the Modernization of Educational Content, the Olympiad in Mathematics will be held a week earlier than most Olympiads in other subjects. This will allow students who, in addition to mathematics, have a chance to get to the Olympiad in physics, computer science, chemistry, etc. have such an opportunity.

A place in the Kyiv team has already been booked:

Anastasia Rudenko (Grade 9, Internet Olympiad),

Bondarenko Mykhailo (Grade 10, Internet Olympiad),

Karina's nechyporuk (grade 9, 1st place at the IV stage last year),

Ivanchyk Georgiy (grade 10, 1st place at the IV stage last year),

Anton Trigub (11th grade, 1st place at the IV stage last year),

Nikolay Arseniy (10th grade, participant of the selection for the IMO),

Reshetnikov Vsevolod (grade 11, participant of the selection for the IMO).

In total, under such conditions, the Kyiv team will consist of 15 people, 2 students from the 8th grade and 1 student from the 9th grade will be added to the 7 above. The other 5 places will be played according to the best result, regardless of the learning parallel. The final result includes the sum of the 3 best results from 4 (the second round of the city Olympiad and 3 rounds of selection).

The jury of selection is invited:

1. Anastasia Andreychuk
2. Brodyuk Sergey
3. Alexander Dashkov
4. Yaroslav Kivva
5. Kucherenko Anastasiia
6. Vitaliy Lishunov
7. Ardent Nazariy
8. Pushkin Denys
9. Olga Tkachenko
10. Nikita Shcherlov
11. Ivan Yakovlev
12. Bysheva Anastasiia
13. Ilya Zaichuk
14. Sigetius Yaroslav
15. Ilya Goltsov
16. Gavrilko Yevhen
17. Koshel Anastasiia
18. Piskun Alexey
19. Dmitry Shupletsov
20. Dmitry Timokhanov

Anyone who still has the desire and opportunity to help in checking the selection, report it to Brodyuk Sergey.






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