Results of LXXII Kyiv City Olympiad of Young Mathematicians

Results of LXXII Kyiv City Olympiad of Young Mathematicians

Refine results

We corrected the inaccuracy we made when entering the results of the appeal into the final protocols, so there were certain clarifications of the distribution of places in the 9th grade.

Selection of Kyiv team for the IV stage

According to the existing rules of selection, participants of the city Olympiad, who took 1 – 2 places in 8 – 11 classes, and 1 place in the 7th grade, are invited to take them. Selection tours are scheduled for Sunday 12, 19 and 26 February. They will be held in the format of the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad. They will start at 10:00 a.m. at the Faculty of Cybernetics. For solutions, 4 tasks for 4 hours will be proposed in all parallels (but problems in different parallels may be different).

A place in the Kyiv team has already been booked:

Anastasia Rudenko (Grade 9, Internet Olympiad),

Bondarenko Mykhailo (Grade 10, Internet Olympiad),

Karina's nechyporuk (grade 9, 1st place at the IV stage last year),

Ivanchyk Georgiy (grade 10, 1st place at the IV stage last year),

Anton Trigub (11th grade, 1st place at the IV stage last year),

Nikolay Arseniy (10th grade, participant of the selection for the IMO),

Reshetnikov Vsevolod (grade 11, participant of the selection for the IMO).

In total, under such conditions, the Kyiv team will consist of 15 people, 2 students from the 8th grade and 1 student from the 9th grade will be added to the 7 above. The other 5 places will be played according to the best result, regardless of the learning parallel. The final result includes the sum of the 3 best results from 4 (the second round of the city Olympiad and 3 rounds of selection). You can read more about the selection rules here on the site in the section on the rules of the competition (if they did not accidentally disappear from the site, like an emblem and some other interesting and useful things).

General impressions of the City Olympiad

It was the most professional Olympiad among schoolchildren in Ukraine, I think that it was organized and held at the proper level in all respects (convenience for participants, quality of tasks, efficiency, transparency, etc.). On the shortcomings, without which it is impossible to hold any event at all (at least equally liked everything could not be purely from different mentality of the participants), we were also pointed out.

About the participants who got to the Olympiad by personal registration. Among all registered winners were 18 students of 7th grade, 10 – 8th, 17 – 9th grade and 7 students from 10 and 11 classes. These indicators indicate that this is the right approach to the formation of the third stage of the Olympiad.

I would like more responsibility in the work of the jury. So that teachers (and some students) do not come not only to check the 1st round of the Olympiad, but to take an active part in all other stages of the Olympiad – the 2nd round, appeal, discussion, etc. Well, so that those who do not have the desire / opportunity to work in the jury, warned about it in advance, so that we have time to replace them in a timely manner with those who have both desire and opportunity.

Appeal to interested and caring

We again appeal to the community, asking for financial assistance, that is, help find caring patrons and firms who understand the importance of developing mathematical education in Ukraine.

We also need information help. We will update our site, and here the desired help is technical – who knows about this matter, and ideological – who sees exactly what our updated site should look like. We are open to your suggestions and wishes.

I thank all the participants of the Olympiad, teachers, parents, jury, congratulations to the winners, and to those who have not achieved the desired success this year (or already in student life!)



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