About our events during May and June, and about the All-Ukrainian Summer School

About our events during May and June, and about the All-Ukrainian Summer School

I decided to write about it right now, because there are several days left before the selection for the IMO. Starting May 5, most will follow the progress of the selection process, and other news will pass by the attention. Therefore, right now it is appropriate to write information that may be of interest to many, and accordingly, to decide on participation in these events.

Let me remind you, or for some, the news that kyivstar company takes the most of the costs, which expressed the desire and opportunity to help the Ukrainian team's participation in the International Mathematical Olympiad.

IMO Team Training

From May 5 to May 11, the team selection for the IMO will be held. According to its results, our team of 6 participants will be formed, who will represent the team of Ukraine at the 56th International Mathematical Olympiad in Thailand (

These 6 participants, as well as all students of non-11th grade who participated in the IMO selection or were part of the training group during the year, are invited to the cycle of the meeting. There are several of them due to various reasons. This is the inability to work fruitfully for 3 weeks in a row, these are the opportunities of invited lecturers, and most importantly – to give external testing, from which even our best students are not exempted.

All these events will be held on the basis of the UFML. Participation in these meetings for invited participants is free of charge at the expense of sponsorship (except for the road to the collection place, but this issue is still under consideration).

Stage 1 of the meeting is scheduled for May 18-25, 2015.
Stage 2 of the meeting is scheduled for June 1-8, 2015.
Stage 3 of the meeting is scheduled for June 13-20, 2015.

In the future, IMO participants will rest or continue to prepare for IMO at home in order to arrive at the IMO in the best physical condition. Thanks to the help of Kyivstar, the whole team of Ukraine will go to the IMO 3-4 days earlier in order to have time to acclimatize to local conditions.

Preparation of the nearest reserve of the IMO team

From June 10 to June 25, it is planned to prepare the team's nearest reserve for the IMO. In previous years, team and reserve meetings were held almost simultaneously in parallel mode, but in addition to EIT, the GIA for the 9th grade is added here. Therefore, the term of the event is chosen just like this. Those participants who feel their potential or/and desire to participate in the selection for the IMO in the following years are invited to collect the reserve. Traditionally, we expect this group to include between 15 and 25 students. In case of exceeding the number of willing organizers reserve group. There are 2 options: either reduce the group to a possible 25 students, taking into account the mathematical achievements of the participants, or form 2 parallel groups. Payment for participation in these fees will not exceed the cost – accommodation and meals. In case of receiving sponsorship for this event, it is possible to reduce this contribution.

About All-Ukrainian Summer School

This year, for the second time, the All-Ukrainian Summer School will be held, as well as most events it will be held on the basis of the UFML. More information about it can be found on the website of this school.

There has already been announced registration for participation in the summer school. The summer school will be held on the eve of the school year from August 15 to August 28, 2015. Registration will take place from May 1 to June 15, 2015. The school is planned for students of 5-11 grades. It is desirable that everyone has time to register, and the organizers of the school can plan their work – the number of lecturers, teachers, educators, etc.

Glory to Ukraine!


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