Story about EGMO-2015 from the middle

Story about EGMO-2015 from the middle

EGMO2014logo Story about EGMO-2015 from the middle From April 14 to April 20, the Team of Ukraine took part in the European Mathematical Olympiad for girls EGMO (European Girls' Mathematical Olympiad) for the fourth time. This year the competition took place in m. Minsk (Belarus). Despite the fact that the Olympiad was launched recently, it has already succeeded, because not only 23 European countries came to compete, but also 7 guest countries, such as the United States, Mexico, Japan, India and others.

Among the 110 participants were four Ukrainian women:

  1. Anastasia Alyokhina (Lyceum No. 171 "Leader", Grade 11, m. Kyiv)
  2. Sofia Dubova (Lyceum No27, Grade 11, m. Kharkiv)
  3. Natalia Khotyaintseva (Lyceum No. 171 "Leader", Grade 11, m. Kyiv)
  4. Olga Silina (Lyceum No27, Grade 10, m. Kharkiv)

The team leaders were Andriy Aikoushin and Yulia Kravchenko, Kyiv National University. etc. Shevchenko.

Vokzal-1024x682 Story about EGMO-2015 from the middle

Also this year, two coordinators were invited from Ukraine: Oleksandr Rudenko and Danylo Hilko, whose task was to honestly and impartially evaluate the work of participants from all over the world.

The competition was held on the basis of the Academy of Postgraduate Education, where the girls arrived in the morning and managed to walk the streets of Minsk.

The next day there was a grand opening, and after it the girls could prepare for the Olympiad or just relax.

On the third and fourth day, the competition itself was held in the format of the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO): participants were offered six tasks divided into two rounds of three tasks.

It is worth noting that the sixth task of the Olympiad belongs to Danylo Hilka (Ukraine).

For the second year in a row, the girls showed an unsurpassed result, winning three gold and one silver medal. In addition, Sofia, Natalia and Anastasia took the second, third and fourth absolute places.

It is worth noting that sofia lacked only one point to the maximum result.

Sofia Dubova77777641gold
Natalia Khotyaintseva75777740gold
Anastasia Alyokhina77777035gold
Olga Silina76073023silver

Z-medalyami-1024x682 Story about EGMO-2015 from the middle

Also, for the second time, our team scored the largest total number of points and won the absolute first place, ahead of their opponents by as much as 23 points:

2United States211914281717116310

S-gidom-1024x682 Story about EGMO-2015 from the middle

The next day, the participants were taken on an interesting tour, while team leaders were waiting for coordination of work.

On the last day, the girls were waiting for the solemn closure of the Olympiad and the awarding of the winners, and after the festive dinner and disco.

Ukraina-2015-2-1024x682 Story about EGMO-2015 from the middle

The next day, our team left home.

Tarelka-1024x658 Story about EGMO-2015 from the middle During the trip, the girls had the opportunity to communicate with girls from different countries, enjoy the picturesque views of Belarus, and also received many beautiful impressions. All this would not have been possible without the L.D. fund. Kuchma "Ukraine", which once again helps girls to represent their country internationally with dignity. Other philanthropists, including the Ukraine, I Am For You, Oleksandra Telizhenko Creative Workshop, etc. also helped the team.

EGMO-1-1024x682 Story about EGMO-2015 from the middle Upon arrival at the Motherland, the girls were greeted by TV channels (ICTV, Ukraine and Inter) and correspondents of various publications.

11138641_10206245952098919_7076992939818832611_n Story about EGMO-2015 from the middle On the evening of April 21, there was a warm reception from the General Director of Kyivstar Company, where the girls received valuable gifts from the company. General Director of the company Petro Chernyshov plans to support in every possible way the participation of young mathematicians of Ukraine in international mathematical olympiads.

11178376_10206245952138920_3309821986314785981_n Story about EGMO-2015 from the middle


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