"Geometry" textbook for classes with in-depth study of mathematics

"Geometry" textbook for classes with in-depth study of mathematics

Geometry_7klass_pogl-203x300 "Geometry" textbook for classes with in-depth study of mathematics In the publishing house "Gymnasium" (m. Kharkiv) published a textbook "Geometry" for the 7th grade of comprehensive educational institutions with in-depth study of mathematics (authors: Merzlyak A. G. Polonsky V. Would. Anchor M. S.).

According to the curriculum approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, in-depth study of mathematics begins in the 8th grade, but the pedagogical and scientific community adheres to the idea that in our time the need for early differentiation of students' education in the main school is very relevant for their conscious choice of the direction of further specialization of education.

The proposed textbook contains a large and varied didactic material: practical tasks and exercises that are differentiated into four levels. A significant part of it are the tasks of higher levels of complexity – "complex" problems and "problems for mathematical circles and electives", the solution of which, in fact, is the main methodical tool for in-depth study of geometry in the 7th grade. In the section "When lessons are made", interesting stories on the history of geometry are presented that contribute to the formation of cognitive interest in the subject among students.

The textbook is intended for pupils of comprehensive educational institutions, mathematics teachers, heads of mathematical circles, students of pedagogical universities, as well as students who are preparing to take part in mathematical olympiads and want to deepen their knowledge and improve their skills in solving problems.




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