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Algebra_7-klas-202x300 COMPETITIVE SELECTION OF TEXTBOOKS FOR 7 CLASSES In the period from March 2 to March 20, the second stage of competitive selection of textbooks for 7 classes is held. At this stage of the competition, teachers choose textbooks. It is up to you to determine which textbook is worth using in teaching children.

Publishing house "Gymnasium" offers you textbooks on algebra and geometry, which were created by a famous author's team – these are honored teachers of Ukraine A.G.Merzlyak, V. Would. Polonsky, M. C. Anchor for which school is the main place of work.

The text of the textbooks is divided into paragraphs, each of which consists of paragraphs. The points contain theoretical material, give examples of solving problems. Each item ends with a system of control questions.Geometry_7-klas-205x300 COMPETITIVE SELECTION OF TEXTBOOKS FOR 7 CLASSES

A special place in the textbooks is occupied by a large and diverse didactic material. All tasks are differentiated by the following difficulty levels: start, medium, sufficient, high. Tasks for mathematical circles and electives are offered. The corresponding marking indicates the numbers of tasks recommended for homework, as well as task numbers, which, taking into account the individual characteristics of the students of the class at the discretion of the teacher, can be solved orally.

Most of the complex tasks at the end of the handbook include instructions and solutions.

The textbooks specially organize the work on repetition of the material and preparation for the study of a new topic.

To assist in the organization of the work of mathematical circles, electives and self-education of students, the rubric "When lessons are done" was created.

In addition, in the textbook on geometry there is a rubric "Watch, draw, design, fantasize". It has selected tasks, for the solution of which not special geometric knowledge is needed, but only common sense, ingenuity and ingenuity. These tasks are very useful because they develop "geometric vision" and intuition.

Both the algebra textbook and the geometry textbook have created a new rubric — "We are friends with the computer". It presents tasks with computer science elements that students can perform using a computer as they learn relevant topics.

Experience shows that due to the proposed structure and rubrication of the material textbooks authors A. G. Merzlyak, V. In. Polonsky, M. C. The esarab is very convenient to work with and greatly facilitate the process of preparing for the lesson for both students and teachers.

The authors hope that these textbooks will become reliable assistants in the difficult and noble work of the teacher.

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