Ukraine team's performance at RMM2015

Ukraine team's performance at RMM2015

After a two-year break in the city. Bucharest (Romania) again hosted the international tournament Romanian Master in Mathematics. The event was held from February 25 to March 1. This is a prestigious international competition, invitations to which are received only by the strongest countries, which from year to year show high results at the International Olympics (IMO). The competition is traditionally held in IMO format – in two rounds 3 tasks are offered, the solution of which is given for 4.5 hours. However, the level of tasks is much more difficult compared to the International Olympics. This is the fourth time Ukraine has been invited to participate in this tournament.

This year Ukraine was represented by 6 students who showed the best results at the autumn selections:

  1. Alyokhina Anastasiia (Kyiv, Lyceum "Leader", Grade 11)
  2. Dubova Sofia (Kharkiv, Lyceum No27, Grade 11)
  3. Smirnov Denys (Kharkiv, Lyceum No27, Grade 11)
  4. Trigub Anton (Kyiv, gymnasium "Academy", grade 9)
  5. Natalia Khotyaintseva (Kyiv, Lyceum "Leader", Grade 11)
  6. Ivan Yakovlev (Kyiv, Lyceum "Leader", Grade 11)

image001 Ukraine team's performance at RMM2015

The team was heads of students of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Kyiv National University. etc. G. Shevchenko Rudenko Alexander and Hilko Danylo.

This year, the Olympiad offered two relatively simple tasks– number 1 and 4, three very complex – tasks number 2, 3 and 6, and only one task of average complexity – number 5. All three complex tasks were combinatoric in nature, which is not the strongest topic of our participants. At the same time, for example, geometry – traditionally a strong theme of the Ukrainian team – was represented by only one task, which stood in the simplest position (task number 4). This obvious imbalance in levels and topics was never overcome by the joint efforts of team leaders and organizers of the Olympiad. This did not always allow our team members to show their mathematical baggage to the fullest. But there was also a positive point in this – in this way our heroes were able to train their weaknesses.

Here are the results of the speech of Ukrainian participants:

Trigub Anton75277028silver
Natalia Khotyaintseva75077127silver
Smirnov Denys72277025Bronze
Alyokhina Anastasiia72077023Bronze
Dubova Sofia71077022Bronze
Ivan Yakovlev702720182010–1

Ukraine took the sixth place in the team standings, behind the fifth place by only 4 points. This year we were only ahead of the mathematicians of Russia, the United States of America, China, the United Kingdom and Hungary.

All Ukrainian participants had a high level: we won 5 medals, while the nearest rivals were much smaller: Great Britain – 3 medals, Italy and France, which we have bypassed this year – 2 medals each.

It should be noted such a pleasant feature – among all teams only in our composition there were as many as three girls(!), and even all with medals! And also by the way, our team was the only one that had as many as eight embroidered 🙂

image003 Ukraine team's performance at RMM2015

Full results can be viewed on the website of the Olympiad.

Since our participants had not only complete solutions, but also many partial promotions, coordination (appeal) of tasks was difficult and required a lot of skills and experience from team leaders. Note that in total we received 15 points on the number 2 problem, although none of the participants solved it in full. In addition, the defended one point in the number 6 task for Khotyaintseva became silver, the points in the number 2 problem in Alyokhina and Dubova, exposed for useful promotions, became bronze.

Our youngest participant, Anton Trigub, after the rounds was confident only in two of his fully proven tasks. After a thorough review of his work, the leaders of our team (Alexander and Danylo) were able to identify a large number of ideas and partial promotions from Anton in the second and fifth tasks, and defend them, according to the evaluation criteria, by 5 and 7 points, respectively!

All this once again emphasizes the extraordinary attentiveness and perseverance of the team leaders Rudenko Oleksandr and Hilko Danylo both directly during the coordination and during the inspection of works. In addition, they provided all team members with care and good mood 🙂

Throughout the tournament, our participants and their managers constantly actively communicated with all other teams, getting new friends and precious experience, which undoubtedly has an extremely positive effect on the Ukrainian mathematical movement.

The regular invitation of our country's team to Romanian Master in Mathematics is in itself a confirmation of the recognition of the high mathematical level of Ukraine in the world. This year, our schoolchildren showed a more than decent result, showing exceptional mathematical skills, resilience, perseverance, and were able to raise this bar even higher.

This Olympiad is useful not only as a competition, but also, perhaps even to a greater extent, as training of our best schoolchildren for future Olympiads, the closest of which is the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO).

And most importantly. We would like to thank for the financial support of our Olympians to the presidential fund L.Etc.Kuchma "Ukraine", as well as other indifferent firms and citizens. It is thanks to this timely and sincere assistance that our team's participation at RMM has become possible and so effective.

image005 Ukraine team's performance at RMM2015


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