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X open iolympiad on puzzles Rusanovsky face

Golovolomka-2015 X open iolympiad on puzzles Rusanovsky face Rusanovsky face clenched 4-10 classes on the IX open iolymphoma on puzzles, practice frequent kotoroy prepared by our friends and partners – face " Scientific change "

05 April 2014 at 10:00 am

Form of olympiady:
– individual
– team (6 chelovek)

When teams are overwhelmed, registracy is obscure.

Learner can take part in one of the forms

Wanderers zhdut prizes!

Registrate of participations
(open to 3 april 2015 )

More information on the site of the Rusanovsky face

X Open Olympiad with Puzzles of Rusanivsky Lyceum

Golovolomka-2015 X Open Olympiad with Puzzles of Rusanivsky Lyceum Rusanivsky Lyceum invites students of 4-10 classes to the IX open olympiad of puzzles, the practical part of which was prepared by our friends and partners – lyceum "Scientific Change".

05 June 2014 at 10.00

Form of Olympiad:
– individual
– Team (6 persons)

The number of commands is limited, registration is required.

The student can participate only in one of the forms.

Prizes are waiting for the winners!

Registration of participants
(opened until 3 April 2015 )

More information on the website of Rusanivsky Lyceum

Agenda IV stage LV All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Mathematics

EMBLEMA_MATEMATIKA-296x300 Agenda IV stage LV All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Mathematics LV All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Mathematics will be held in Chernivtsi from March 22 to March 26, 2015. Below, the attached files add a detailed program for participants, managers and the jury, which was developed by the organizing committee of the Olympiad. We also give the emblem of the Olympiad.

Program for jour
rogram for participants

Here we also give clarification of the conditions of the Olympiad on some issues.

Read More

Final results of the Third Olympiad of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv for students of 4-6 grades

We present the final results of the Olympiad for 4-6 classes. Here we present the results, conditions and solutions of tasks.

Результати 4-х класiв

Grade 4Educational institution12345678Amountspot
Vladislav MatviychukKyiv-Pechersk Lyceum No. 171 "Leader"77777756531
Gavrilyuk Anton VadymovychSchool No329 "Logos"75777506442
Yaroslav MykulyakCPL No. 171 "Leader of the77007676402
Ajubey Diana SergeevnaGimnazia No17877007607342
Kozorak Denys OleksandrovychSchool No 570767006332
Revenko AnastasiiaLyceum 15777675000322
Alexander TimofeevGymnasium 17870057607322
Igor NikolaevSchool 29575676000312
Radan ShlapakSchool No 11076067005312
Semyon AndrietsKyiv-Pechersk Lyceum No. 171" Leader"70777000283
Ivan AbchugskySchool 29570067700273
Nikolay BakhanovLyceum No 22770707600273
Alexander ZhurCPL No. 171 "Leader"70077060273
Nikita KiselevSchool No185 Kyiv70707060273
Mukha Mariia YuriivnaSpecialized school No20276077000273
Chernomorets Varvara YuriivnaSZSH 1-3 stages No18677700006273
Matvey LomonosovLyceum 100 'Podil'77050070263
Artem OdayskyKyiv Gymnasium No17870076000203
Andrey HavryliukGymnasium No 17870606000193
Gasko Oleksandra Vasylivna28676006000193
Mikhail KonstantinovGymnasium No 17870507000193
Nikita KorsomnyiGymnasium 17870507000193
Daniel NgueneGymnasium 17870606000193
Pozdnyakova Karina IhorivnaGimnazia No 17866007000193
Romaniuk IrynaSchool Number 28670057000193
Pavel SandulSchool No 185 them, Vernadsky70057000193
Maksym MykhailychLyceum Leader #17176500000183
Yukhnenko Mariia OleksandrivnaSsh No 20270506000183
Igor MakhinyaSchool No727000700014
Milanenko Mariia Oleksandrivnaspecialized school No2027000700014
Evgeniy MaminLyceum 100 "Podil"7000600013
Lukasz Anna AndreevnaGimnazya No1787000500012
Nikita Panfilovspecialized school 2027000500012
Vyacheslav Shapovalovgymnasium No 1787000500012
Anna ShandenkoKyiv-Pechersk Lyceum No. 171" Leader"7000500012
Oleg KravchenkoCPL 171, Lyceum "Leader"700000007
Molodchyk Viktoriia HryhoriivnaLyceum No100 "Podil"500000005

Результати 5-х класiв

Grade 5Educational institution12345678Amountspot
Naumets Zakhar IhorovychLyceum No 171 "Leader"7777777491
Margarita BaklanLyceum No171 "Leader"77777352
Kirill KulyhinLyceum No171 "Leader"77777352
Marko LuchkaLyceum No171 "Leader"77777352
Synychka Kateryna MykhailivnaPL NTUU "KPI"76757322
Artem Levchenkogymnasium "Academy"7777283
Mikhail ManvelyanRUGG7777283
Ichkovskaya Ia VladymyrovnaGimnazya 1787777283
Ivan ShevchenkoLyceum 2087777283
Kolodach Yana HryhorivnaLyceum No 2087677273
Nikolay ShevchenkoTechnical Lyceum NTUU "KPI"6777273
Nikolai MaksaiLyceum No 2086776263
Mashchenko YelizavetaLyceum No171 "Leader"6776263
Nikita FedyushinLyceum No171 "Leader"7775263
Yurchenko ArthurLyceum No 2087766263
Anton KrasikovLyceum 142777213
Oleksiienko NastyaLyceum No171 "Leader"777213
Svechnikova Alyona Leonidivnagimnazia No178777213
Gleb TsybulkinLyceum No171 "Leader"777213
Berezkina Anastasiia AndreevnaLyceum No100 "Podil"776203
Bryl Kamila SerhiivnaLyceum No 208677203
Butkalyuk Sofiia OleksandrivnaLyceum No171 "Leader"677203
Danylo VolobuyevLyceum No208 m. Kiev677203
Kanevets ElenaLyceum "Scientific Change"776203
Aleksey PukhtayevychLyceum No 208677203
Yatsenko Maryna OleksiivnaLyceum No208677203
Volodymyr DidurGymnasium No178775193
Danylo NaumovLyceum 142775193
Ilyina Anastasiia AnatoliivnaTechnical Lyceum NTUU "KPI"666183
Artem MoskovetsLyceum "Scientific Change"7714
Dmitry PalienkoFace 2087714
Georgiy PetrivCPL No171 "Leader"7714
Vitaliy PidburtnyiLyceum No 171 "Leader"7714
Shkel Uliana Yuriivnaschool No1127714
Stepanenko YuliiaLyceum No100 "Podil"7613
Aleksey KhudoleiLyceum No1577613
Sheludko Olgagymnasium No1787613
Denys PisarevLyceum No100 "Podil"5712
Ilya TkachenkoLyceum No171 "Leader"6612
Alexander ZakharovLyceum 100 "Podil"77
Sydorenko Tatyana VitalivnaTL NTUU KPI77
Sushko Maria VyacheslavovnaLyceum "Scientific Change"77
Shayd Myhail VladimirovichGimnazia No17877
Dmitry IlkovLyceum No171 "Leader"66
Oleksandr PetrenkoSsh No5766
Alexander TishchenkoPL NTUU "KPI"66
Tretyak TatyanaCPL No171 "Leader"66
Anton KharchukLyceum "Prestige"66

Результати 6-х класiв

Grade 6 12345678SUMspot
Andrei AbdulaevLyceum "Scientific Change"77777777561
Budikova Sofiia YevheniivnaLyceum "Scientific Change"77777777561
Mikhail ShtandenkoKyiv-Pechersk Lyceum No. 171" Leader"77777777561
Fyodor YudinLyceum No20877777777561
Baclan AliceLyceum No171 "Leader"77777767551
Nikita DergunovGimnasya N17877777776551
Andrei TsintseusKyiv-Pechersk Face No. 171 "Leader"67777777551
Anton VakhitovLyceum "Scientific Change"77677776541
Alyona DerecheyLyceum No171 "Leader"77777667541
Marko Hasingymnasium No191 them. P.G.Tychyn67777776541
Pavlo KobaLyceum 14276777766531
Alina TowerScientific Change67775677521
Nikita SedovLyceum No 2087777777492
Dmitry YaroshevychScientific change7677767472
Mikhail KuzminTechnical Lyceum NTUU KPi6777757462
Artem YushkoTL NTUU "KPI"7767667462
Dmitry KolisnykSchool "Ecology and Culture"777777423
Maya KuzmishinaLyceum No 171 "Leader"777777423
Yuriy BorysenkoSchool No202777767413
Bogdan GangaloKyiv-Pechersk Lyceum No171 "Leader"777677413
Radomsky Vladylav AlekseevichSchool No182777776413
Kharlan Oleksandra IhorivnaGymnasium 178767777413
Aleksey VrubelevskyFace No208677767403
Yehor GorodzhaGymnasium No 178777757403
Arsen DoinychkoKyiv-Pechersk Lyceum No. 171" Leader"777775403
Melnyk Anastasiia BorysivnaKiev-Pechersk Lyceum 171 "Leader"777766403
Shemyatkina Valeriia OleksandrivnaLyceum 208767767403
Vinnichuk NazarEcological and Natural Lyceum No11677777353
Olga ZhurCPL No. 171 "Leader of the77777353
Wheat Maria Dmytrevnvgymnasium No17877777353
Stakhur Inga Maximovna17177777353
Andrei AgarkovLyceum No14277767343
Kovalenko Valeriia SerhiivnaLyceum "Scientific Change"67777343
Trush Uliana OleksandrivnaLyceum No171 Leader77767343
Tobacconist Aksinya YurievnaFace 20867777343
Andrei FomichovCPL No171 "Leader"77776343
Dyakova Oleksandra VitalivnaLyceum No171 Leader77775333
Andrei ChemerisovTL NTUU "KPI"66777333
Stolyarchuk Elizaveta OleksandrivnaPL NTUU "KPI"777728
Cherevko KristinaLyceum No171 "Leader"777728
Bondarenko Varvara Volodymyrivnagymnasium No178677727
Maxim LeshchukGymnasium Kyiv-Mohyla Collegium767727
Aleksey Bondarenkoschool No132766726
Zinchenko Vladyslava Yuriivnagymnasium No178766726
Elizaveta LisovskaLyceum Scientific Change766726
Aleksyk Nataliia VasylivnaHanna Omelyanivna77721
Artem BudzynskyLyceum No14277721
Ivan KryvosheyevLyceum No171 "Leader"77721
Krotevic VolodymyrTL NTUU "KPI"77721
Miklyayev Gleb OlegovicPNL No14577620
Red EugeniusGymnasium 17867720
Book artem YurievichLyceum Prestige76619
Madzianovska Anastasiia KostiantynivnaSchool Number 18277519
Anton TsymbaliukLyceum No 171 "Leader"57719
Artur KuzmukLyceum No2087714

Download text with solutions

I remind you that the awarding will take place in the assembly hall of the Red Corps of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv on Friday, March 20 at 16:30.


XX iolympiad on mathematics Rusanovsky Face

Rusanivsky Lyceum invites students of 6-10 classes on April 4, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. for the XX Olympiad in Mathematics.
IMG_8595-300x199 XX iolympiad on mathematics Rusanovsky Face
istration is open until April 3, 2015)

Format of the Olympiad for students: 6-7 classes – oral form. You can get acquainted with the regulations here;
Grade 8 – written form; 9 -10 classes – team form (team composition – 6 students, including at least three 9-year-olds).

Read more on the website of Rusanivsky Lyceum.

XX iolympiad on mathematics Rusanovsky Face

Rusanovsky face cleopatuary student 6-10 classes 04 April 2015 h in 10 hours on XX olymphaedum on mathematics.
IMG_8595-300x199 XX iolympiad on mathematics Rusanovsky Face
(rehydrate of open to 3 april 2015 hours)

Format of iolympiady for learners:
6-7 classes – ust-shaped. The sign will be with the regulations from somewhere;
8 classes – writing form;
9 -10 classes – team form (teams – 6 learners, from them not less than three 9-classers).

Detailed on the site of Rusanovsky face.