Final results of the Olympiad for 4-6 classes

Final results of the Olympiad for 4-6 classes

The result of the Olympiad for 4-6 classes.

The results and the appeal are given in the result file. Here first there are 3 pages, sorted by results, where the distribution of prize places is indicated. Next, 3 pages with the same results, but sorted alphabetically. The last page contains the results of the appeal. Opposite each surname is the result of viewing his work.

Just about some impressions.

If "unchanged", it means that the task is evaluated exactly according to the above criteria.

For example, please review task number 3, which is rated at 0 points. In the work, this problem is correctly solved and rated at 7 points. But next to the task Number 4, which was rated at 7 points, is not solved at all. To be honest with everyone, especially to teach your child to justice, wasn't it necessary to review point out and revise task number 4. Is it unfair to get a score of "0" with something better/worse than an unfairly received score of "7"? As an application, kyiv team is currently selected for the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad, where there is also an appeal procedure. In previous years, there have been repeated situations when children were asked to review the verification of a certain task, because they were given MORE points than indicated by the criteria. After that, their scores decreased, but such honesty and decency only causes us respect.

I also give here an example of children signing works when parents were too young to do it in advance and at home. Please do not offend those children whose covers I have cited, believe me, that there are a lot of similar signatures. Already from the cover you need to understand how difficult it is then to disassemble the text of the work.

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In some works, white please review the score for the task, where 4 points were mistakenly set, and according to the criteria there you can put either 3 or 7. Therefore, these tasks were revised and the assessment was set in accordance with the criteria.

Please review all 5 tasks is easy, if not to say outrage. The appeal process is not an "automatic increase in points" (some participants can be convinced of this), but the restoration of justice in evaluating work. It was meant that parents or teachers will disassemble tasks with the child, listen to the child's solution and compare this with the criteria for evaluating the work. And it turns out that some task is not recorded in the work at all, and the request to "review" its assessment.

I remind you that the appeal is complete. There will be nothing else to watch, at least this year.

For 1-3 places of this Olympiad will be held (of course, that only for those who want) the 2nd round of the Olympiad on Sunday March 15, 2015 at the Mathematical Faculties of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Follow the agenda of this Olympiad on the site. You should not register for it, but if you were to participate and for some reason will not participate in the event, please let us know.

Glory to Ukraine!


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