The criteria of the olympiad for 4-6 classes

The criteria of the olympiad for 4-6 classes

Criteria grade 4;
Criteria grade 5;
Criteria 6 class.


  1. The third city Olympiad for pupils of 4-6 grades under the auspices of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv took place. In total, it was attended by 88 students of 4th grade, 271 students of the 5th grade and 238 students from the 6th grade. In general, a large number of schoolchildren who registered for the Olympiad did not arrive. Because of this, when trying to remove these "dead souls" from the list, some participants who scored 0 points but participated in the event were mistakenly removed from the list. Sorry, this is our mistake, we will return all surnames as soon as we find out who we accidentally removed.

  1. In general, this Olympiad is the goodwill of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, under the auspices of which the event is held, and the student jury, which volunteered to spend the day off to dedicate it to the verification of works. From us to my parents there were several requests, some of which I would like to remind:
  • Children must have a signed notebook (either in large printed letters or printed on a printer).
  • for the opportunity to help us a little with funds in order to slightly compensate the organizing services and have funds for prizes for the winners. To do this, it was desirable to transfer a certain amount according to the coordinates given on the site;
  • it was desirable to take part in a meeting with the organizing committee of the Olympiad to establish feedback between the participants and their parents on the one hand, the jury and the organizing committee on the other.

I report that the notebook was qualitatively signed in about 1 participant out of 10, the funds were raised a little more than 2000 UAH, meetings with parents took place.

  1. Here are the criteria for checking the work used by the jury. They were produced after checking all the works, and therefore cannot be discussed. In the future, I will pursue an appeal in the format as discussed at a meeting with parents. I will use the above criteria, I will review these tasks in the works, provided that I can read the name of your child on the cover.
  1. Applications for an appeal will be accepted within a week, that is, on Tuesday at 21:00 they will not be considered, even if the relevant reports continue to appear. The fact that they will continue to appear follows from the registration process. It was discontinued on February 9, but until February 15, there were constantly messages like "the registration form is not correctly displayed, please register".

Glory to Ukraine!


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