Final jury decisions

Final jury decisions

The dates of selection for the Spring Olympiad in mathematics have been changed.

Jury decision of Kyiv City Olympiad

Recall the main principle of jury decisions – those issues that are not brought up for discussion remain unchanged, that is, the rules, principles, principles of the past years work. Anyone who believes that in addition to the following issues that have been discussed, there is still a subject to talk, then you should be reminded of this, and the issue will be discussed at the final jury hearing on Tuesday, February 27 after the appeal.

And now in detail about the jury's decision.

  1. Dates of selection for the IV stage

The approved dates for the selection for the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Kyiv are Sundays February 15, 22 and March 1. The selection will be held at the Leader Lyceum, as Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (a traditional selection site in recent years) during the winter holidays. Beginning at 10:00. Appeals will be carried out there, but their dates will be further clarified. As always, they are scheduled 2 – after 1-2 rounds, and after the last round.

Please, to the jury members, who can help in checking the work, to respond either here on the site or personally inform Danylo Hilko or Bohdan Rublev what days you can wait for your help.

  1. Clarification of selection rules for stage IV

Now regarding the selections for the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad. This year we will have 13 representatives. 9 according to the overall rating, 3 for the first places at last year's All-Ukrainian Olympiad and 1 place for the Internet Olympiad. Let's talk about this in more detail on the eve of the selection, but briefly recall the current situation.

The 8th grade will be played two mandatory places.

In the 9th grade, one place was taken by Trigub (the winner of last year's IV stage), and therefore there is exactly one more mandatory place.

The 10th grade is similar to the situation where Skybytsky took one place (the winner of last year's IV stage), and therefore there is exactly one more mandatory place.

In 11th grade, Alyokhina, Khotyaintseva and Yakovlev have a place in the team as participants in the selection for the IMO last year. Therefore, there are no mandatory places in this parallel.

Therefore, exactly 3 places remain for the general "competition", which are claimed on an equal basis by participants from each class.

Therefore, it was decided how to take into account in such a competition participants who do not advocate for their parallels. This usually happens when someone wants to compete for the 11th grade, but it is not a fact that a different situation will ever happen, such as an 8th grade student for the 9th grade, or something like that. The student, who has a personal place in the team according to the results of last year, takes a place in his parallel regardless of the parallels in which he competes. That is, this year, even if Trigub or Skybytsky continue to advocate for the 11th grade parallel, additional mandatory places will not appear in their parallels. If a person who does not have a personal place competes in a higher parallel, then he will fight for mandatory places in this higher parallel (from the latter we recall the example of Diomidov when he studied in 10th grade).

In accordance with the selection rules for the IV stage in Kiev, it is possible to conduct the 4th (additional round) according to the results of the selection, if the participants showed the "same" result according to the rules of conduct. The jury approved the "Algorithm for determining those who get on an additional tour", which were developed by Bohdan Kiww. Both the algorithm and its implementation will soon appear on the site in the section "Orders, rules, press". Everyone will be able to get acquainted with them. If necessary, express questions, wishes, comments that can be taken into account this year (if it will be before January 27) or next year.

Similarly, the jury decided that the 2nd round of the Kyiv Olympiad will have equal rights in comparison with other rounds. Let me remind you that in the past years, this result could not be taken into account in the sum of the best 3 rounds. From this year – this is permissible. The 2nd round of the Kyiv Olympiad will consist of 4 tasks as each round of selection.

  1. General questions

This year the district Olympiad turned out to be somewhat more difficult than participants and teachers expected. The organizers also did not expect that everything would turn out so difficult for children, of course we will take this into account. But a lot of hassle tells us that it is very difficult to make problems in geometry in grades 6-8. This issue is especially complicated by the fact that different schools study according to different textbooks on geometry. We adhere to the sequence of presentation of the material according to the textbooks "Merzlyak, …". If we take into account all the textbooks and the procedure for presenting the material in them all, then in the 7th grade it is impossible to give any new topics at the district Olympiad, which takes place at the end of November, compared to the 6th grade. We think it's inappropriate… On the other hand, the regional Olympiad should tell its participants how ready they are to participate in Olympiad competitions. Is it worth it, without becoming the winner of the regional Olympiad, to go to competitions of a higher level.

To increase the quantitative composition of the Kyiv team for the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad, the jury chairman asks to take part in the Internet Olympiad of all the most powerful participants from Kyiv, as students from Kharkiv do. It is clear that these are our best participants for the most part either already have a personal place, or are sure that they will be selected as a result of the selection. We do not have the right to force them, so it is simply a request to our best mathematicians to think about their comrades, to whom they can help get to stage IV by such actions. At least, the winners of the IMO Smirnov, Dubova did not consider any humiliation to participate in the Internet Olympiad and won together with other Kharkiv residents a lot of additional places for their region.

Also, the request to the participants of olympiads and especially for jury members and teachers is to closely monitor the reports on the site. Comments regarding the site that have been expressed we will take into account and correct as soon as possible. But also cases when the participants of the Olympiad call the head of the jury with the question "And when we have an Olympiad", "Where and when do I come", "Where and when the appeal", etc. I consider inappropriate. Similarly, the cases that the jury members do not know about the dates of the Olympiad, or that they are appointed by the deputies of the old in parallel and should help from 10:00 during the Olympiad also look absurd. The site was created for convenient and prompt dissemination of information, I would like all our members of the Olympiad movement (members, jury members, teachers, heads of clubs, etc.) to look here at least once a day if something new and interesting for you does not appear. You can also leave your wishes and suggestions here. This also applies to new specialists who want to join our competitions as jury members, sponsors, organizers, etc.

  1. About registration for the Kiev Olympiad

On registration for the Kiev Olympiad. The jury decided to leave the Kyiv City Olympiad open, but to make participation in it more orderly.


This period will be completed 1 week before the date of the 1st round of the Olympiad so that you can safely work out this data array. No longer the organizing committee or the jury will allow students who did not have time to register in a timely manner, nor will students who simply come to the city Olympiad on the day of the Olympiad, counting that they will still not be deducted. Next year – we will drive out!

  1. About the 3rd Kiev Olympiad for 4-6 classes

This Olympiad will be held on Sunday, February 15, 2015 on the basis of the Ukrainian Physics and Mathematics Lyceum of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (UFML). Soon we will announce the registration of those wishing, upon its completion we will decide its agenda, since unlike the university in the UFML there are significantly fewer places for participants. Therefore, we need to process all orders, as well as distribute participants of different classes by time in such a way that all registered take part in the Olympiad. This is also important because there are actually so many opportunities for students of these parallels to compete.

5. About unpleasant

The works of the participants of the first round of the city Olympiad Savchenko Ivanna Sergeevna and Stepanova Anna Maksymivna (ciphers: 11-111, 11-118) by the jury decision were disqualified for violating the rules of the Olympiad, their results were canceled.


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