Registration for the Kyiv City Olympiad is completed

Registration for the Kyiv City Olympiad is completed

Now we present the final list of everyone who should take part in the first round of the city Olympiad, which will take place on January 18, 2015. I can not but add that the behavior of the leadership of the Pechersk district, as well as PNL No. 145, both resents and annoys us at the same time. To provide their lists, firstly, very late, when most of their children have already started registering on their own, and secondly, absolutely in an inappropriate format. This forced us to simply waste time on what the representatives of pechersk district and PNL No. 145 were obliged to do. Next year we simply will not accept them, let parents, children, teachers, etc. express their attitude to the fact that their children are not yet registered.

Lister of registered

As a result, as well as the amazing attentiveness of some people, many children were registered twice, some three times, and a couple of participants were registered 4 times. And this is despite the fact that we updated the lists every evening. We tried to remove all such repetitions, but not the fact that someone was removed at all…

Now the distribution of all participants by audiences in the places of the Olympiad will be carried out. Expect a final audience split on Wednesday-Thursday.

We are waiting for you on Sunday, we wish you success!

Glory to Ukraine!


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