About the 3rd stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Mathematics

About the 3rd stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Mathematics

This year we again offer everyone who wants to write the 3rd (regional) stage of the Olympiad in common texts. To do this, representatives of each region had to send an application in a timely manner (and this time has already come out). In order not to have trouble that someone's application has disappeared somewhere, I list all the regions whose applications have been received.

Methodological recommendations for the third stage

 regionAnd tour2 second round
1Autonomous Republic of Crimea
2VinnytsyaJanuary 18 (total)???
3VolynJanuary 18 (total)January 24 (total)
4Dnipropetrovsk regionJanuary 18 (total)???
6ZhytomyrskaJanuary 18 (total)
7Zakarpattia OblastJanuary 18 (total)January 24 (total)
8ZaporizhiaJanuary 18 (total)
9Ivano-FrankivskJanuary 18 (total)???
10KyivskaJanuary 18 (total)
11Kirovohrad oblastJanuary 18 (total)???
12Lugansk regionJanuary 18 (total)
15OdessaJanuary 18 (total)???
16PoltavaJanuary 18 (total)January 24 (total)
17Rivne regionJanuary 18 (total)January 24 (total)
18SumskaJanuary 24th
20KharkivskaJanuary 18 (total)January 24 (total)
21KhersonJanuary 18 (total)January 24 (total)
22KhmelnitskyJanuary 18 (total)
23CherkassyJanuary 18 (total)January 24 (total)
24ChernigovskayaJanuary 18 (total)
25ChernivtsiJanuary 23rd

I ask everyone to check if everything is correct here. After January 11, the above addresses will be checked so that there are no surprises on the day of the Olympiad. About the second round, where there are question marks, we did not understand whether these regions have the desire to write and the second round according to the common texts on Saturday, January 24. About the first round, if possible, then write about what number your region plans to hold the third stage of the Olympiad, if it is different from January 18.

It is desirable for us to know this, because this year almost every region will be sent students to tell about the UFML, and therefore it is advisable for them to know when to arrive at the regional Olympiad.

Let me remind you that texts of all levels will be sent to each region, and you will decide what level to use in your region. You can read in more detail in the "Guidelines for the 3rd stage and preparation for the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Mathematics in the 2014-2015 academic year".


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