The procedure for holding the Kiev city Olympiad

The procedure for holding the Kiev city Olympiad

We remind you that the 1st round of the City Olympiad will be held
on Sunday 18 January 2015

Students of 9-11 grades will write at ul. Tymoshenko 13-B (Humanitarian Institute of Borys Grinchenko University of Kyiv)
Opening of the Olympiad at 9:30 in the assembly hall, beginning at 10:00

Students of grades 7-8 will write to
Vul. 11A Leipzig (Kyiv-Pechersk Lyceum No. 171 "Leader")
Olympiad starts for 8th grade at 10:00
ympiad starts for 7th grade at 11:00

The order on holding olympiads, approved by the jury and the schedule of all Olympiads in Kiev can be viewed in the section "Orders"

Preliminary disseal of jouri by class

According to the tradition, which was founded by the founders of the Kiev City Olympiad, it has an open charter, that is, all students of Kyiv schools can take part in it. To do this, you must either get to the application from your district, where you were to become the winner of the second stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad, or, if this did not happen under any circumstances, then you must apply for participation yourself. To do this, on this site you should carefully fill in the specified positions, and then check whether your last name appears in the general list in the corresponding parallel.

Applications of rayons:
Application of Holosiivskyi d
Application_Darnytskyi d
Application desnyansky di
Application_Dniprovsky dist
Application obolonsky distri
Application_Podilsky district;

Application Sviatoshynskyi district
Application_Solomyansky district;
pplication_Shevchenko district;

The following positions should be filled:

  1. First name and patronymic (in Ukrainian)
  2. Date of birth
  3. The full name of the educational institution, for example, School Number 220, Lyceum Leader, etc.
  4. Learning class
  5. The class for which the child will write the text at the Kyiv Olympiad (this is relevant for most students of the 6th grade, who decided to compete on an equal basis with students of 7th grade, or individual students of 9-10 grades who decided to try their hand at the parallel of grade 11)
  6. Place at the 2nd stage of the Olympiad
  7. Full name of the teacher or/and the person who prepared for the Olympiad (you can specify no more than two people)
  8. The location of your school

Please be careful, because as you can see here in applications from some areas, there is strange data, for example, such.

The class for which the child will speak is specified 6. Then these children will have to look for a long time where the third stage of the Olympiad will be held for the class and who will conduct it. It is better to ask those people who filled out the application.

Or in the section the full name of the school has the following information: 100, FL, 171, etc. It is clear that it is not necessary to write Kyiv-Pechersk Lyceum "Leader" No. 171, but a record of 171 is clearly not enough.

Registration will continue from now until 21:00 on January 11, 2015

After this period, registration will be discontinued. Upon completion, the distribution of all students by classrooms will be carried out and this information will be posted on our website. We will also present the further course of the Olympiad – dates and place of the 2nd round, appeals, selections.

Happy New Year to all, may peace and tranquility reign in our country, happiness in every family, and our young talents will continue to glorify our country throughout the world!

Bezymyannyjj The procedure for holding the Kiev city Olympiad


Natalia Krisman 

The edges are nazzy,
Times are disappointing,
Here the tribe is such
It's going to destroy everything.

Eyes evil
Hurs arrows,
Does not know the restraint,
I knew it.

Sick with rabies
Three-damned guests,
Carry the contagus,
We're going to have bones.

From rage crooked
Ugly mouth,
Nazhelysy Crimea,
Donbass will download.

Soul – poor,
Not people – animals,
What kind of god
Does this evil spirit believe?

And the bottom of the mud
Does not see the light,
Bloody Hands
Do not rule the world!

How to snow last year
All evil spirits will die,
Zishlye the Aquila
Peace to Ukraine!


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