Additional registration for "Mathematical Zanzibar" december 21

Additional registration for "Mathematical Zanzibar" december 21

According to the results of registration, we have such a situation by the number of teams. Here, some educational institutions violated the condition and registered more than 2 teams. This usually contributes to certain inconveniences, but we will take into account in the future. At the moment, the situation is as follows:

Grade 4 – 6 teams
Grade 5 – 12 teams;
Grade 6 – 15 teams;
Grade 7 – 9 teams;
Grade 8 – 15 teams;
9 class – 5 commands;
Grade 10-11 – 7 teams.

For a convenient event, it is advisable not to have more than 18 teams in the group, so I ask you to write to me personally by e-mail (it is on the site) about the desire to register an additional (more than 2) teams according to the following scheme (class, school, captain, responsible person and contact phone). If the number of teams exceeds 18, then some teams will be refused, but according to the "sports principle". That is, the number of teams from this institution in the league will be taken into account, as well as the participation of teams in the main tournament of mathematical battles, the completion of which is this zanzibar.

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