Mathematical Zanzibar

Mathematical Zanzibar

If there is a desire of schoolchildren to meet again, we can hold "Mathematical Zanzibar" on December 21. Here teams will be able to compete in large audiences or neighboring small ones, with a jury needing no more than 2-3 people to accept answers, check them and enter them into the table. Therefore, we announce registration in all parallels of grades 4-11 for participation in the "Mathematical Zanzibar". The team consists of 4 to 6 participants, the contribution for the participation of 60 UAH from the team. For a normal event, we do not want an excessive number of teams in the league, so to begin with, we will limit the order of no more than 2 teams to one league from the educational institution. Registration ends on Friday at 21.00. After that, the organizing committee reserves the right to choose whether to hold an event (and in which leagues) or not to gather this year.

To register, you need to fill in the following fields:

1) Class;
2) Institution;
3) Captain;
4) Responsible person;
5) Contact phone (this column will not be displayed on the site).

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