About students' participation in the 3rd stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Mathematics

About students' participation in the 3rd stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Mathematics

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv conducts a program for the revival of the Ukrainian Physics and Mathematics Lyceum of Kyiv National University. The main actions will be aimed at restoring the practice of admission to the UFML of Kyiv National University of Children from all regions of Ukraine. Now a large percentage of UFML students are Kyivans and this makes it look like one of the many similar lyceums in Kyiv. Thus, it loses its uniqueness in the fact that all years it has been a center for talents from all over the country. Particular attention should be paid to those regions where regional centers do not have a regional boarding school of physical and mathematical profile (for example, LFML in Lviv, DOLIMP in Dnepropetrovsk, etc.). But for children from these regions, it will be right to give the right to choose a place for further education.

This is facilitated by this year's schedule of classes at the Kyiv National University. Taras Shevchenko. In January and February, winter holidays are planned, and therefore most students will not be in their homes. Below is a list of the distribution of students by region. On the one hand, it is compiled taking into account the wishes of the students themselves, and on the other hand, some were distributed somewhat spontaneously in the regions. Please see this distribution to correct inaccuracies or changes. Perhaps there will be those who want to go to the not yet occupied regions.

Regarding the organization of the participation process itself, the Taras Shevchenko NuC will send an appeal to the jury and organizing committees of regional Olympiads to include these students in the jury. In the process of the Olympiad, it will be necessary to distribute printed information about the UFML and meet with parents and teachers of children participating in the 3rd stage of the Olympiad. This is especially true for residents of non-regional centers for whom studying at the UFML may be almost the only opportunity to get a good mathematical education.

For Kyiv residents who will go from Kyiv to another region, the university will try to make a business trip. For everyone else, it will be very difficult to do this, but in fact you will be at home, and therefore the issue of a business trip will not become very important.

I would like to finally agree on the list by December 7, when our next, possibly the last of this calendar year, meeting at the tournament is planned.

Express your comments, wishes, clarifications in any way – phone, e-mail, personal meeting, etc.

2Vinnytsia regionSakevich Ruslan, Oleksandra Hopta
3Volyn regionJana Shtyk
4Dnipropetrovsk RegionKravchenko Yuliia, Dmytro Tkachuk
5Donetsk region
6Zhytomyr RegionOlga Nagorniuk
7Zakarpattia (Transcarpathian) regionTaras Burkalo
8Zaporizhia OblastMarkovichenko Alexander, Dashkov Alexander
9Ivano-Frankivsk RegionAndrew Lupa (KPI)
10Kyiv RegionMoroz Mykola (KPI), Lynets Oleksandr
11Kirovogradska Oblast
12Lugansk regionOlga Chuchuk
13Lviv regionSerhiy Brodyuk, Nazariy Palko
14Mykolaivska OblastAlina Rozhkova, Iryna Opryshko
15Odessa regionKosteeva Olesya, Tkachenko Olga
16Poltava region
17Rivne RegionMaria Vartuzova, Roman L'Oreal
18Sumy RegionChernova Oksana, Maly Valentyn
19Ternopil regionGirilo Andrey, Perkova Maria
20Kharkiv regionPyskun Alexey
21Kherson RegionWednesday Alexander, Vasiltsova Kateryna (KPI)
22Khmelnytsky oblastVolodymyr Losktov, Daryna Kravets
23Cherkasy OblastLynx Dina
24Chernihiv regionYevtushenko Anna
25Chernivtsi OblastYuriy Chepiga


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