Results of the 8th All-Ukrainian tournament of mathematical battles

Results of the 8th All-Ukrainian tournament of mathematical battles

Another tournament has ended, without which it is already difficult to imagine mathematical life in our country. It is not even necessary to compare the composition of the participants who participated in our tournament and at the TYU, although the team of Kharkiv FML No. 27 won there.

Participants solved a large number of new interesting and meaningful problems within 7 days. Soon we will present on the site the terms and solutions for all days, from the team olympiad to the "Mathematical Zanzibar". This will allow you to compare your solutions with the author's ones, as well as see which tasks did not work during the tournament.

We thank the UFML management, which has taken us for the entire period, and especially thanks to Anikoushina Andriy and Anastasia Lysakevich for their assistance in organizing the event. Without them, everything would be much harder if it were possible to do it at the proper level.

There is some time for respite, although some Kiev participants took this respite now, refusing to participate in "Zanzibar" and in the award. According to the Regulations on the tournament, their cups are transferred to the ownership of the organizing committee for direct use.

See you new friends and colleagues!

I hope that the geography of our participants will expand…


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