Results of the mathematical carousel for students of 4-6 grades

Results of the mathematical carousel for students of 4-6 grades

I immediately want to thank our jury, which worked out perfectly today. Students and high school students, despite the large number of participating teams (almost 80), coped well with the process. Thank you for giving their day off to children and their teachers, we will consider this their personal gift for teacher's day!

Again, we were summed up by the counting program and our jury members had to do the calculations themselves. I also apologize for the error in the condition of task number 13 for the 6th grade. She has been left with a chance since last year. It surprises only the result of one team to which this task was credited…, but let's leave everything as it is.

Let's see what winter will be like, more precisely November and December. If all educational institutions work normally, then perhaps we will still hold some interesting event for students of 4-6 grades.

Well, for the completeness of the report, 600 UAH were transferred from all teams together to the account of the specified Privat card. Thank you for your support…

Solver tasks and results are at your attention.

4 клас

1figureKravchenko Oleg34504504500333
2Gymnasium No178Mikhail Konstantinov303034034003023
3Gymnasium No1782010–12 Ukrainian Premier World Under-1730034034522
4Gymnasium No179Anna Moskalkova03400007
5leaderIrina Petrova0000347
6Gymnasium No178Krokha Ivan0300306
7Gymnasium No179Yusupov Yevhen303
8School No132Maksim Sylic00000
9School No132Demidenko Andrey00

5 клас

Team Name123456789101112131415Amount
2CDNT Number3456789101100000063
3Leader (Krasnyansky)30345678905600056
4Leader (Tkachenko)30345678900000045
6Leader (Kucherenko)34504003400300026
7Ush 13234500034500000024
8Leader (Holomeev)03034003400300020
9Scientific change34000034500000019
12US 25003034030300000016
15PL NTUU "KPI"00003034500000015
16Leader Gavrysh34034000000000014
17Dialogue (Baranov)3400000000000007
18SZSH 182(Derogan)3400000000000007
19Dialogue (Karandeyev)3003000000000006
21Ush 52(Petryakov)0303000000000006
24SZSH 182(Shestopalov)3000000000000003
25SZSH 182(Weaver)3000000000000003
26Ush 52(Ponomarenko)3000000000000003
27USH 52(Denisevskaya)3000000000000003
28Dialogue (Shtepa)0000000000000000
30SS 52(Karczewski)0000000000000000
31Ush 890000000000000000

6 клас

1Leader 6-4Olga Jour3456789101112131415051221-2
2Face 208Yudin Fedor3450567891011121314151221-2
3Lyceum "Scientific Change"Andrey Abdulaev345605678910111205913
4scientific changeBrovchenko Yaroslav300345678056789714
5Lyceum No145Malchenko Gleb34003456789101100705
6Lyceum "Scientific Change"Anton Vakhitov340456789004567686
7Gymnasium No178Nikita Dergunov3034567891005600667
8Ecology and CultureDmytro Kolesnyk03456789101100000638
9School No182 – 1Volodymyr Tohononyi3456789100000000529
10PL NTUU "KPI" m. KievOleksandra Duranina3034567890000004510
11Lyceum "Holosiivskyi" No241Zagorodniy Andrey.3456780560000004411
12PL NTUU KPIBooth Artem0345670560500004112-13
13Leader 6-1Melnyk Anastasiia3456705600500004112-13
14Lyceum No208Daniil Konashenkov3404567800000003714
15Lyceum 171 "Leader" -6BSpitsyn Danylo0303456700000002815-16
16Sunday School 145Sergey Klindukh3000345600034002815-16
17Gymnasium No178Aleksyk Nataliia3404560500000002717-18
18Technical Lyceum NTUU "KPI"Krotevich Volodymyr0340450560000002717-18
19Technical Lyceum NTUU "KPI"Mytlenko Maria3030034560000002419-20
20Leader 6-3Andrey Fomichov0303400340034002419-20
21School No182 – 2Domnich Denys3450560000000002321
22171 "Leader"Hevorkian Karine3400345000000001922
23Face 100 " Podil "Alesa Weaver0000345600000001823-24
24School No52Davydenko Denys3400340400000001823-24
25Leader 6-2Vika Gerasimenko0300034500000001525-26
26PL NTUU KPIOleksandr Fedoruk0000030345000001525-26
27School No 52Maksym Shcherbakov3400300300000001327
28Ssh No 132Andrei Senchylo0000303400000001028-30
29Technical Lyceum NTUU "KPI"Anton Lytvyn0003034000000001028-30
306B CPL 171 "Leader"Oleksandr Kulyk0303400000000001028-30
31Gymnasium No178Milk Ignatius300030030000000931
32Ssh No52Lichenko Denys034000000000000732
33Sunday School 1Shulzhenko Ilia030030000000000633
346A Lyceum 171 "Leader"Covina Diana300000000000000334-36
35Lyceum "Holosiivskyi" No241Diana Tsymbal003000000000000334-36
36Lyceum "Scientific Change"Yakovenko Veronika000000300000000334-36
376B Lyceum 171 "Leader"Victoria Yanchuk000000000000000037-38
38CPL 171 "Leader" 6VDasha Nosyk000000000000000037-38


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