Brigades of the jury of the 11th Kiev tournament of mathematical battles named after Lesya Rublev

Brigades of the jury of the 11th Kiev tournament of mathematical battles named after Lesya Rublev

Dear jury members! Below is a preliminary division into leagues and brigades of jury members. It is summed up under a certain division of teams in the leagues of our tournament, and therefore significantly different from your wishes on the eve of the tournament. Most of them wanted to be in the senior and middle leagues, and it turned out that there were the fewest teams. Therefore, we have such a division. We will add the following comments to it.

  1. Some of you have been transferred to another league upon prior agreement with you. Others were transferred simply by need. Therefore, if you have a fundamental disagreement with the above division towards you (it may apply to both the league where you were transferred and the brigade to which you were added), then show what exactly you are not satisfied with. We will try to reconcile everything.
  1. If you are not on the list at all, it means that you either yourself have not yet made your proposal regarding the league (which most of the jury did at the registration stage), or you have not had time or failed to contact the senior leagues. Therefore, if you wish to join, you must indicate which league and which team you want to get into.
  1. All brigades contain from 2 to 4 people. Preferably in the fighting the presence of 3 members of the jury, 2 and 4 is also permissible. This distribution allows a team of 3-4 members in case of illness or other reasons to give rest to some of them. Therefore, if you want to join unin enrolled jury members, it is advisable to join not where there are already 4 jury members. Interchange is also possible when some of you simply swap with each other. This is normal, only be sure to warn the seniors in the league. Similarly, in the event of certain circumstances, senior leagues or the head of the jury may change the composition of the brigades, I ask you to agree with this.
  1. In case of unforeseen situations (for example, one brigade is completely sick and cannot arrive at the battle), I ask you to make mobile changes to the composition of the brigades so as not to disrupt the event. And those who have expressed a desire to get sick in time to warn about it.
  1. In addition, these brigades will become the backbone of the future jury at the 8th All-Ukrainian tournament of mathematical battles named after Academician Lyashko I.I. But even there, the distribution of teams and individual jury members in the leagues may vary depending on the number of teams in each league.

Youngest League

Grades 6-7

Junior League

8 classes

Middle League

9 classes

Major League Baseball

Grades 10-11

1Atamanchuk-Angel LadaVasyltsova Kateryna

Vasyl Franchuk

Tailor DarynaMartinenko Dmytro

Dmitry Shupletsov

Sadovenko BohdanSydoryshyn Andrey

Stylinin Kirill

Ten-year-old OleksandraKomisarenko Vyacheslav

Andrei Lupa

Yuriy Chepiga

2Maltsev Valeriy Slobozhan Ivan

Dmytro Yakymets

Kravchenko Yuliia Tkachuk Dmytro

Elena Kharitonova

Osipa AndreyPtsko Natalia

Natalia Shuvar

Vovchenko Vladyslav Mytrofanov Vadim

Cyril Mulyarchyk

Svydersky Kirill

3Matyash ArtemNagorniuk Olga

Roman Semenko

Pavlov Taras Rozhkova Alina

Shcherba Andrey

Gyrylo AndreyMoz Mykola

Perkova Maria

Aleksandr Markovichenko

Nikita Shcherglov

4Dmytro Soroka Yevheniya Ishchenko

Griezius Gleb

Kanivets DmytroKolyanko Mykhailo

Oleksandr Lynets

Kosteeva OlesyaLosutov Volodymyr

Olga Tkachenko

Diomilov YevheniiKivva Bohdan

Mykola Kolinko

Piskun Alexey

5Kulyk OlegLisovsky Dmitry

Roman Marchuk

Mnuchina Kateryna

Pavliuk MariaPipko Anna

Rosemary Angelina

Danilova AllaDashkov Alexander

Oleksandr Rudenko

6Danilov IvanMalyi Valentyn

Petro Rudenko

Chernova Oksana

Tatyana Gerasimova

Nikita Tokarev

Olga Chuchuk



Brodyuk SerhiiPalko Nazariy

Andrey Russev

7Anna Yevtushenko Anton

Olga Samoilova

Maria Vartuzova

Opryshko Ira

8Kavtsenyuk Mariana Mykhaylyuk Vladyslav

Dmitry Timokhanov

9Evgeniy Gavrilko Kira

Alexei Morozov

Taran Denys


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