The agenda of the mathematical carousel for students of 4-6 grades

The agenda of the mathematical carousel for students of 4-6 grades

October 5, 2014
ematical Faculties of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
(Glushkov Avenue 4d-4e)

On the "Mathematical Carousel", as we counted, 9 teams in 4 classes, 31 teams in 5 classes and 37 teams in 6 classes registered. In general, there were more of them, but the teams representing the same school and with the same captains, despite their attempts to register at least 2 times, we counted once.

Carousel Agenda

1000 Information Support Group to configure technology and the Internet.

1015 Heads of the jury and their deputies in each league to prepare the audiences for the carousel (division of teams, placing plates with team names, etc.). Be sure to have tape, scissors, stapler.

1030 members and jury members across all leagues

1045 Teams together with the persons responsible for them arrive at the audience appointment and receive briefings and clarifications from the jury on the form of a carousel.

1100 Carousel Commencement across all leagues

1215 Completion of the carousel in 4 classes

1230 Completion of the carousel in 5-6 classes

Recall that the competition itself will last 75 minutes in 4 classes and 90 minutes in grades 5 and 6. At each of the frontiers, teams will have 15 tasks. Tasks will be provided to all teams in the same sequence – from the 1st to the 15th.

Distribution by audience

4 classes (Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics)

Older in parallel: Rosemary Angelina

This parallel goes to the whole jury working in the senior league of the Kiev tournament of mathematical battles, as well as the jury from the high school students of the Lyceum "Leader"

 Team Captain audience
1Gymnasium 179Anna Moskalkova41 Mehmat
2Gymnasium 179-2Yusupov Yevhen41 Mehmat
3gymnasium No 178Mikhail Konstantinov41 Mehmat
4gymnasium No 178 22010–12 Ukrainian Premier World Under-1741 Mehmat
5gymnasium No178 1Krokha Ivan41 Mehmat
6Lyder1Irina Petrova41 Mehmat
7Ssh No 132Demidenko Andrey41 Mehmat
8Ssh No 132 – 2Maksim Sylic41 Mehmat
9"DIGIT" CDNTKravchenko Oleg41 Mehmat

5 classes (Faculty of Cybernetics)

Seniors in parallel: Kravchenko Julia and Soroka Evgeniya

This parallel goes to the entire jury working in the youngest and junior leagues of the Kiev tournament of mathematical battles, as well as the jury from high school students of the UFML and PNL No. 145.

 Team Captain audience
1Gymnasium 178-1Chuchkovskaya I.01 (Cybernetics)
2Gymnasium 178-2Krasnopolska K.01 (Cybernetics)
3Gymnasium 178-3Savenko M.01 (Cybernetics)
4Gymnasium 178-4Sheludko O.01 (Cybernetics)
5Gymnasium 178-5Renzi M.01 (Cybernetics)
6Dialog 1Baranov Gleb01 (Cybernetics)
7Dialog 2Karandeyev Myron01 (Cybernetics)
8Dialog 3Sofia Shtepa01 (Cybernetics)
9Leader 1Naumets Zakhar01 (Cybernetics)
10Leader 10Mariana Prosolenko01 (Cybernetics)
11Leader 2Holomeev Igor01 (Cybernetics)
12Leader 3Tkachenko Ilya01 (Cybernetics)
13Leader 4Kucherenko01 (Cybernetics)
14Leader 5Gavrysh Luka01 (Cybernetics)
15Leader 6Krasnyansky Timur01 (Cybernetics)
16Leader 7Georgiy Petriv01 (Cybernetics)
17Leader 8Sunday Nikita01 (Cybernetics)
18Leader 9Alexander Medvid01 (Cybernetics)
19Scientific changeMoskvets Artem01 (Cybernetics)
20PL NTUU "KPI"Kateryna Sychka01 (Cybernetics)
21School No182 – 1Derogan Elijah01 (Cybernetics)
22School No182 – 2Alexander Shestopalov01 (Cybernetics)
23School No182 – 3Elizabeth Weaver01 (Cybernetics)
24School No 52Ponomarenko Grigory01 (Cybernetics)
25Ssh No 132Eudokia goose01 (Cybernetics)
26School No 250, 5BAleksandra Ryabichenko01 (Cybernetics)
27School No 52Denysyevska Yevheniia01 (Cybernetics)
28School No 52Daniil Karczewski01 (Cybernetics)
29Ssh No52Artem Petryakov01 (Cybernetics)
30School Number 89Kushnikov Kyrylo01 (Cybernetics)
31"DIGIT" CDNTMykhailo Manvelyan01 (Cybernetics)

6 classes (Faculty of Cybernetics)

Senior in parallel: Molodtsov Alexander and Kalashnikov Alice

This parallel goes to the whole jury working in the middle league of the Kiev tournament of mathematical battles, as well as the jury of high school students of lyceums "Scientific Change" and Rusanivsky, as well as gymnasium No. 178.

Team Captain audience
1171 "Leader"Hevorkian Karine39 (cybernetics)
26A Lyceum 171 "Leader"Covina Diana43 (cybernetics)
36B CPL 171 "Leader"Oleksandr Kulyk40 (cybernetics)
46B Lyceum 171 "Leader"Victoria Yanchuk39 (cybernetics)
5Gymnasium No178Milk Ignatius43 (cybernetics)
6Gymnasium No178Nikita Dergunov42 (Cybernetics)
7Gymnasium No178Aleksyk Nataliia39 (cybernetics)
8Ecology and CultureDmytro Kolesnyk43 (cybernetics)
9CPL 171 "Leader" 6VDasha Nosyk40 (cybernetics)
10Lyceum No145Malchenko Gleb39 (cybernetics)
11Face 100 " Podil "Tkachuk Alesya43 (cybernetics)
12Face 208Yudin Fedor42 (Cybernetics)
13Leader 6-1Melnyk Anastasiia39 (cybernetics)
14Leader 6-2Vika Gerasimenko43 (cybernetics)
15Leader 6-3Andrey Fomichov40 (cybernetics)
16Leader 6-4Olga Jour39 (cybernetics)
17Lyceum 171 "Leader" -6BSpitsyn Danylo43 (cybernetics)
18Lyceum "Holosiivskyi" No241Zagorodniy Andrey.42 (Cybernetics)
19Lyceum "Holosiivskyi" No241Diana Tsymbal39 (cybernetics)
20Lyceum "Scientific Change"Andrey Abdulaev43 (cybernetics)
21Lyceum "Scientific Change"Anton Vakhitov40 (cybernetics)
22Lyceum "Scientific Change"Yakovenko Veronika39 (cybernetics)
23scientific changeBrovchenko Yaroslav43 (cybernetics)
24Sunday School 1Shulzhenko Ilia42 (Cybernetics)
25Sunday School 145Sergey Klindukh39 (cybernetics)
26PL NTUU "KPI" m. KievOleksandra Duranina43 (cybernetics)
27PL NTUU KPIBooth Artem40 (cybernetics)
28PL NTUU KPIOleksandr Fedoruk39 (cybernetics)
29School No182 – 1Volodymyr Tohononyi43 (cybernetics)
30School No182 – 2Domnich Denys42 (Cybernetics)
31School No 52Maksym Shcherbakov39 (cybernetics)
32Ssh No 132Andrei Senchylo43 (cybernetics)
33School No52Davydenko Denys40 (cybernetics)
34Ssh No52Lichenko Denys39 (cybernetics)
35Technical Lyceum NTUU "KPI"Krotevich Volodymyr43 (cybernetics)
36Technical Lyceum NTUU "KPI"Anton Lytvyn42 (Cybernetics)
37Technical Lyceum NTUU "KPI"Mytlenko Maria39 (cybernetics)

All concerned students, high school students, teachers and parents! If you have the opportunity, then help with the carousel as members of the jury. It is possible with such a number of teams a certain or significant shortage in jury members. It is clear that you should choose the parallel where you are not an interested party. If you want to help, contact either me or immediately to the seniors in the relevant league.

Based on the applications received, only 1 team in 4th grade from gymnasium No. 178 persistently ordered conditions in Russian.


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