Selection of Ukraine team for international mathematical olympiads

Selection of Ukraine team for international mathematical olympiads

Last year, a similar event was held for the first time. He did not have an official statute, but all concerned people understood the importance of its establishment. This includes the possibility of selection for prestigious international competitions, which invite representatives of Ukraine (RMM, EGMO, etc.), as well as the possibility of full training during the year (and junior students for more than one year) future IMO participants. During the year we have gained some experience in this work, understood certain shortcomings and will try to make it even more meaningful. About all this in this message.

We have already prepared a number of documents to provide this selection with an official charter so that the IMO will get really the best of our mathematicians, who have proven themselves over the long term, and not just showed a good result in the short-term selection at the IMO in May. Unfortunately, this process is not so fast. For this selection, it is necessary to approve the "Regulations on selection", as well as to make small amendments to the current "Regulations on olympiads. The documents have already been developed, then they must go through the path of approval and approval in the ITZO, ministry of education and science and the Ministry of Justice. But it still needs to be done, perhaps certain consequences will be already this year.

In the mean time, we will adhere to the principles that were laid there and tested last year. All winners of the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Mathematics are invited to this selection. Regardless of the year when they became winners and the class for which they achieved this success. The only thing that is obvious is that you should still be a student of a secondary educational institution, and not a university student or a private entrepreneur, etc. Since the tasks will be the same for everyone, from the experience of last year, even very strong students of the 9th grade (not to mention the 8th) have little chance of becoming their winner. Therefore, it may not be necessary to massively participate in them for students of these classes, so as not to waste money, time, or energy. But there will be no bans from the organizers.

The selection is carried out at the expense of business trips. That is, educational institutions, educational institutions or participants themselves must pay for their accommodation and meals during the selection process. We will give exact prices of expenses this year later, last year they amounted to 60 UAH for accommodation and 60 UAH for meals per day.

The selection will be held on the basis of the UFML of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv from October 25 to October 31, 2014. Earlier compared to last year, the selection period is associated with the unpredictability of the weather and the heating season, as well as holidays in the UFML. In addition, it will allow you to start preparing the selected team a month earlier.

If you meet the requirements for participation in the selection (i.e. is the winner of the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Mathematics) and decide to participate in it, you must fill out the corresponding application on this site by October 15, 2014. The organizational fee can be paid directly in cash at the places of residence, or by October 15, 2014, transfer cashless to the account of the Charitable Foundation "Athena". Details of the Charitable Foundation "Athena":

Charitable Organization "Athena Charitable Foundation"
04071, vul. Yaroslavska, 4
Account No. 26001000028862 PJSC "UKRSOT
MFO 300023 EDRPOS code 3

If the payment is made non-cash, you must have a copy of the corresponding payment order with a bank note on the transfer of money.

Upon completion of the selection, a team of 8 to 12 participants will be selected, who showed the best results and the jury considers them candidates for the IMO trip this year (last year they were determined by a jury decision 10). Further, preparations will continue with them both by solving the problems that Ukrainian specialists will prepare and participating in a number of short-term meetings. Foreign specialists will be regularly invited to this meeting.

Six participants who will show the best result in the selection will represent Ukraine at RMM-2015 (from February 25 to March 1, 2015), and the four best girls will represent Ukraine at the EGMO–2015 (from April 14 to April 20, 2015). If it is possible to train all selected participants at other international competitions (national olympiads of Belarus, Bulgaria, etc.), we will try to do it.


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