The second stage of the 11th Kiev tournament of mathematical battles named after Lesya Rublev

The second stage of the 11th Kiev tournament of mathematical battles named after Lesya Rublev

Results of oral team olympiad
and distri
bution by leagues to the tournament of mathematical battles

General considerations

Initially, general considerations regarding the Oral Olympiad. Some parents or others to whom the role of observers was assigned very calmly and conscientiously performed their functions. Those audiences were quiet and calm. But quite a few there were cases when:

  • observers did not find their audience and sat in another faculty (sometimes even at another faculty);
  • some did not come at all;
  • some allowed their subordinate team to do what, in particular, half the team wandered the corridors.

A lot of observers never arrived at the event, which was questioned not by the idea of observers, but by the content of the tournament. Since we agreed on this at our meeting, this should be carried out by all parties, both the jury and the participants. Strange looked the fact. that some teachers forgot about the arrangements, while others simply did not transfer these things to their colleagues from other parallels.

It was also unpleasant to meet some parents who helped their children in the corridor to solve problems or a teacher who sat with the students throughout the Olympiad.

Well, a blatant fact, which miraculously got publicity, because it caught the eyes of the jury. We will not divulge details, but by the decision of the organizing committee, the team of the Holosiivskyi Lyceum in the junior league (grade 8) was fined for the behavior of some of its students by 7 points, and the following students: Cheberiako Yevhen and Ilyenko Yevhen – are deprived of the right to participate in the tournament of mathematical battles for this year. I ask you not to coerc the jury to engage in police functions in the future.

It will be easier for observers and the jury to work in battles, since it is possible to go out only to ask a question or to the toilet, and therefore everyone should work in the classroom. Teams whose observers did not arrive will wait for conditions before they arrive. Senior league teams must monitor their behavior and compliance with competition rules. Otherwise, their teachers will have to work as a janitor and repairman at the end of the battle, and listen to comments from colleagues or the jury about your dishonest behavior.

I hope that the experience of the Oral Olympiad will teach everyone a little and we will conduct further tours without significant comments. I will be very grateful for it all.

You can download the solution of the Olympiad's problems at the link.

Results of competitions in leagues

The youngest league (Grades 6-7)

1-2Lyceum "Leader"-1Zincius A.777777648
1-2Lyceum "Leader"-4Honon N.767777748
3Lyceum No 208-1Nechporuk K.775777646
4Lyceum "Leader"-3Oleksienko M.77777742
5-6School No 52Chernysh D77776640
5-6Lyceum "Leader"-5Shevchuk V.76777640
7-9Lyceum "Holosiivskyi" No241Gomenyuk M.7777735
7-9PL NTUU "KPI"Peas K.7777735
7-9Lyceum "Leader"-2Kuzmishina M.7777735
10Technical Lyceum-2Witkin A.7677734
11-12Lyceum No 208-2Azarov E.7777331
11-12Rusanovsky face-3Feschenko7777331
13Gymnasium No178-2Wheat M.7777230
14-18Lyceum "Scientific Change"-1Abdulayev A.777728
14-18School No 132Medvedev E.7770728
14-18Rusanovsky face-1Chuchkanov7767128
14-18Lyceum "Scientific Change"-2Nikanov O.777728
14-18Technical Lyceum-1Krotevich V.7677128
19-20Gymnasium No178-1Stukin V.776727
19-20Rusanovsky face-2Osadcha767727
21Scandinavian Gymnasium67720

Junior League (8 classes)

1Lyceum "Leader"-1Martyushova I.-1777777749
2PNL No 145-1Karpiy V.77767741
3PNL No 145-2Nikitin B.776617640
4Rusanovsky FaceYatskiv7777634
5-6Lyceum "Scientific Change"Tretyakova K.777728
5-6Lyceum "Leader"-2Martyushova I.-2777728
7-9School No 250Leonov A.77721
7-9Aerospace LyceumIlyash O.77721
7-9Lyceum "Podil"Ortykova O.77721
10-11Gymnasium No 178Tarkaniy A.76720
10-11School No 85Balkin Ya..76720
12-13PL NTUU "KPI"Melnichenko O.7714
12-13School No 52Denysenko A7714
14Technical LyceumShinkareva N.7613
15-16School Number 17P. Pashkovsky77
17Lyceum "Holosiivskyi" No241Matvienko V.766

Middle league (9 classes)

1-2Lyceum "Leader"-1Violinist A.77777742
1-2Rusanovsky FaceKurbatova77777742
3-4PNL No145-1Dimura S.7777735
3-4Lyceum "Leader"-2Reshetnikov V.7777735
5-6UFMLIlyashenko O.777728
5-6PNL No145-2Peschansky D.777728
7Gymnasium No 178Grigorovich O.77721
8-9Technical LyceumShch upak D.7714
8-9PL NTUU "KPI"Semenyuk A.7714

Senior League (Grades 10-11)

1Lyceum "Leader"-3Alyokhina A.777177743
2Lyceum "Leader"-1Kiwwa Ya.77777338
3PNL No145Koliadenko P.7777735
4Lyceum "Leader"-4Oshlyansky A.7777634
5-6Lyceum "Leader"-2Sukaylo K.777728
5-6UFML-1Wertelecki V.777728
7Lyceum "Holosiivskyi" No241Sitnychenko D.776525
8School No 52Gormeshko O.771722
9PL NTUU "KPI"Aksyonenko I.77721
10-11Rusanovsky face-2Domansky661720
10-11Gymnasium No 178-1Murashko76720
12-16Lyceum "Scientific Change"Pushkin D.7714
12-16School No 132Yurevych V.77014
12-16Rusanovsky face-1Nimble I.770014
12-16UFML-2P. Samtsevych7714
12-16Gymnasium No 178-2Chudakov S.7714
17Technical LyceumSaprykin A.7613

League splitting

Since everyone is waiting for the final results and solving problems, I will give only a fundamental division by leagues, and I will give the details of the calendar of games below.

The youngest league (Grades 6-7)

Group AGroup BGroup V
Lyceum "Leader"-1Lyceum "Holosiivskyi" No241Lyceum "Scientific Change"-1
Lyceum "Leader"-4PL NTUU "KPI"School No 132
Lyceum No 208-1Lyceum "Leader"-2Rusanovsky face-1
Lyceum "Leader"-3Lyceum No 208-2Lyceum "Scientific Change"-2
School No 52Rusanovsky face-3Gymnasium No178-1
Lyceum "Leader"-5Gymnasium No178-Rusanovsky face-2

Junior League (8 classes)

Group AGroup BGroup V
Lyceum "Leader"-1Lyceum "Scientific Change"School No 52
PNL No 145-1Lyceum "Leader"-2Technical Lyceum
PNL No 145-2School No 250Lyceum "Holosiivskyi" No241
Rusanovsky FaceAerospace LyceumSchool No 17+ School No 85
Lyceum "Podil"
Gymnasium No 178

Middle league (9 classes)

Group AGroup B
Lyceum "Leader"-1UFML
Rusanovsky FacePNL No145-2
PNL No145-1Gymnasium No 178
Lyceum "Leader"-2TL+ PL NTUU "KPI"

Senior League (Grades 10-11)

Group AGroup B
Lyceum "Leader"-3Lyceum "Holosiivskyi" No241
Lyceum "Leader"-1School No 52+Kremenchuk
Lyceum "Leader"-4Rusanovsky face-2
Lyceum "Leader"-2Gymnasium No 178-1
UFML-1Lyceum "Scientific Change"

Comments. A very important issue for school Nos. 17 and 85. We went to the meeting, including these educational institutions in the competition, but for some reason once again their representatives ignored participation in the meeting of teachers. We will try to contact the representatives of these educational institutions urgently so that they do not surprise us again with their behavior. If they refuse to participate in the tournament, a partial redistribution will be carried out in the junior league in groups, more precisely in groups B and B.


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