About the mathematical carousel for students in grades 4-6

About the mathematical carousel for students in grades 4-6

The mathematical carousel is scheduled for Teacher's Day on October 5, 2014 at the Mathematical Faculties of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

Registration for participation in the mathematical carousel
from September 26 to October 2, 2014

For a start – as always, there are no restrictions on the number of teams. The most important thing is to register them in a timely manner. The last registration period is Thursday October 2 at 21.00. If there are very few teams in any league, then the organizing committee reserves the right to cancel the carousel in this parallel.

The carousel will be held in 3 age leagues – 4 classes, 5 classes and 6 classes. Usually, most teams are formed on the basis of one educational institution and even one class. But experience shows that many schools have not even heard about our events and attempts by individual students and their parents to organize teams are in vain. Therefore, try organizing teams on this site, if necessary.

On Thursday night, upon completion of registration, the distribution by audiences will be given and the carousel agenda will be given.

Well, last. For all teams, tasks will be printed, bright laminated diplomas will be printed for the winners (usually 6-10 teams in each parallel), and therefore a request for those who can do it and have such a desire is to transfer 60 UAH from the team as a charitable assistance to this event. Teams that cannot, do not want or forgot to do so on an equal basis will participate in the carousel without any restrictions. Privat card number is given on the website. No donations in cash per day of the carousel are accepted!!!

Application menu items (each command is registered separately!):

  1. School name or team name (for national teams)
  2. class
  3. Captain's last name and name
  4. Name of the responsible team with the contact phone number (this item is displayed on the site)


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