The second stage of the 11th Kyiv Tournament of Mathematical Battles named after Lesya Rublev

The second stage of the 11th Kyiv Tournament of Mathematical Battles named after Lesya Rublev

Agenda of the Oral Team Olympiad
eptember 28 (Sunday) 2014

Arrival time and distribution by audience

930 All senior jury members for each league.
The youngest league (grades 6-7) – Soroka Evgeniya, Maltsev Valeriy
Junior League (8 classes) – Yulia Kravchenko,
Dmytro Tkachuk
Middle League (9 classes) – Olga Tkachenko,
Volodymyr Loskutov
Senior League (grades 10-11) – Danilova
Alla, Oleksandr Rudenko
All arrive in jury audience 01 (K), which will be the main one for the jury throughout the tournament

945 Team captains arrive at Jury 01 (K) to receive tasks and answers to questions.

Teams and observers arrive at designated audiences.

The youngest league is the Faculty of Cybernetics (K).
The junior league is the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics (M) and the 1st team at the Faculty of Cybernetics (K).
Middle League – Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics (M).
The Senior League is the Faculty of Radiophysics, Electronics and Computer Systems (P) and 1 team to the Faculty of Cybernetics (K).

In case of problems with the team's feathering (the audience is closed, windows are very cold and do not close, a complete mess in the audience, etc.) it is necessary to notify the jury in a timely manner before the start of the Olympiad, which will find another room.

All involved jury members arrive to begin the work of the distribution of powers among jury members in each league

Therefore, I ask you not to be late for the event or the team with the captains,
either the jury nor the observers.

1000 The beginning of the Olympiad, the teams pass the tasks according to the regulations (rules) of the oral team olympiad, which can be found at the link.

1245 Teacher Meeting, auditorium 221(K). The presence of teachers (or their trustees with the right to a decisive vote) who plan to expose teams for further participation in mathematical battles is mandatory.

1300 End of team olympiad

1315 Final summing up of the team olympiad

Information for jury members

According to the regulations of the oral team olympiad, the number of jury members does not need to be as large as in mathematical battles. Therefore, please take this wish into account. If you got a call from seniors in the league and agreed with you on your participation. Then you must not let anyone down and arrive at the event. If you have not been contacted for any reason, then you must decide your participation yourself. Either you arrange a day off for this day (realizing that you still need a jury for the fighting), or come to the team Olympiad, but first warn the senior members of the league of the jury that you are definitely counting on you.

On the role of observers

All teams participating in the competition (except the senior league) should bring an observer with them – it is best that it be one of the parents. Their task at the time of solving the team assigned to him is to ensure that the audience has order and that the teams do not be tempted to violate the rules of the competition, more precisely the rules of fair play, since everything is based on honesty, trust and decency. You can read these rules in more detail here or at the end of the post.

Their need is due to the fact that in past years in the audience of the junior leagues was a complete mess, teams often simply did not respond to the comments of even the jury members. I personally had to warn different teams several times about non-polite behavior, but, firstly, I did not like it at all, and secondly, 5 minutes after the remark everything was repeated. Therefore, we bestow this "police role" in maintaining order for parents and teachers.

Based on the "powers" of the observer, this role can best be performed by parents. Moreover, they will look after the behavior of their team's opponents. I would not really like the same teachers to play this role, because they already have a bunch of other tasks and powers at these events. It is possible that it is just one of the adults (student, postgraduate, etc.), but then he must be a tough enough and principled person, since he and his team will be responsible for all the troubles.

If the behavior of teams in the senior league will also cause complaints on any of the declared issues. then similar "sanctions" will be applied to them in the next stages, that is, the presence of the observer will become mandatory. Then the team, which will not ensure the timely arrival of the observer, will start the competition at the time of its arrival at the event.

Final list of participating teams

Again a bunch of comments on registration. Since we started this process from this year, I hope that in the future there will be fewer of them. But … everyone was at the teachers' meeting, and there I asked to do everything in a timely manner and correctly. Some teams were re-registered twice, some withdrew, and a number of teams did not see that registration was over. This can be forgiven for new teams who decided to join the event, but old-timers should be ashamed…

Naim (6-7)Moth (8)Aug (9)Star(10-11)together
Aerospace Lyceum11
gymnasium No 17821126
Face No. 20822
Lyceum "Holosiivskyi" No2411113
Lyceum "Leader"522413
Lyceum "Scientific Change"2114
Lyceum "Podil"11
PNL No 1452215
Polytechnic Lyceum11114
Rusanovsky Face31127
School No 132112
School Number 1711
School No 25011
School No 521113
School No 8511
Technical Lyceum21115

Distribution by audience

The Youngest League (20 teams)

302Gymnasium No178-1Stukin V.Lyceum "Leader"-2
6Gymnasium No178-2Wheat M.Rusanovsky face-3
303Lyceum "Scientific Change"-1Abdulayev A.Technical Lyceum-2
304Lyceum "Leader"-1Zincius A.Rusanovsky face-2
305School No 132Medvedev E.Lyceum "Leader"-4
306Technical Lyceum-1Krotevich V.Lyceum "Scientific Change"-2
308Lyceum "Leader"-3Oleksienko M.Gymnasium No178
309Rusanovsky face-1ChuchkanovLyceum "Scientific Change"-1
310Lyceum No 208-1Nechporuk K.Lyceum "Leader"-1
311Lyceum "Holosiivskyi" No241Gomenyuk M.School No 132
312PL NTUU "KPI"Peas K.Technical Lyceum-1
15Lyceum "Leader"-2Kuzmishina M.Lyceum No 208-1
16Technical Lyceum-2Witkin A.Rusanovsky face-1
17Rusanovsky face-2OsadchaLyceum "Leader"-3
18Lyceum "Leader"-4Honon N.Lyceum "Holosiivskyi"
33Lyceum "Scientific Change"-2Nikanov O.PL NTUU "KPI"
10School No 52Chernysh DGymnasium No 178-2
12Lyceum No 208-2Azarov E.Lyceum "Leader"-5
13Rusanovsky face-3FeschenkoLyceum No 208-2
14Lyceum "Leader"-5Shevchuk V.School No 52

Junior League (16 teams)

302Gymnasium No 178Tarkaniy A.Rusanovsky Face
303Lyceum "Scientific Change"Tretyakova K.Lyceum "Holosiivskyi"
304School No 250Leonov A.Technical Lyceum
305Aerospace LyceumIlyash O.PNL No 145-1
306Lyceum "Leader"-1Martyushova I.-1PL NTUU "KPI"
307School Number 17P. PashkovskyGymnasium No 178
308Rusanovsky FaceYatskivLyceum "Scientific Change"
309Lyceum "Holosiivskyi"Matvienko V.School No 250
20Technical LyceumShinkareva N.Aerospace Lyceum
21PNL No 145-1Karpiy V.Lyceum "Leader"-1
34PL NTUU "KPI"Melnichenko O.School Number 17
41Lyceum "Leader"-2Martyushova I.-2Lyceum "Podil"
42PNL No 145-2Nikitin B.School No 85
44Lyceum "Podil"Ortykova O.Lyceum "Leader"-2
45School No 85Balkin Ya..School No 52
39School No 52Denysenko APNL No 145-2

Middle League (9 teams)

202Technical LyceumShch upak D.Gymnasium No 178
203Lyceum "Leader"-1Violinist A.PL NTUU "KPI"
204PNL No145-1Dimura S.Lyceum "Leader"-2
205Rusanovsky FaceKurbatovaPNL No145-2
206UFMLIlyashenko O.Technical Lyceum
207Gymnasium No 178Grigorovich O.Lyceum "Leader"-1
208PL NTUU "KPI"Semenyuk A.PNL No145-1
209Lyceum "Leader"-2Reshetnikov V.Rusanovsky Face
210PNL No145-2Peschansky D.UFML

Major League Baseball

5School No 52Gormeshko O.
6Lyceum "Leader"-1Kiwwa Ya.
11Lyceum "Scientific Change"Pushkin D.
12Technical LyceumSaprykin A.
13School No 132Yurevych V.
20Lyceum "Leader"-2Sukaylo K.
22PNL No145Koliadenko P.
24Rusanovsky face-1Nimble I.
29Lyceum "Holosiivskyi"Sitnychenko D.
30Lyceum "Leader"-3Alyokhina A.
31Rusanovsky face-2Domansky
32UFML-1Wertelecki V.
37Gymnasium No 178-1Murashko
42Lyceum "Leader"-4Oshlyansky A.
45UFML-2P. Samtsevych
46Gymnasium No 178-2Chudakov S.
43PL NTUU "KPI"Aksyonenko I.

Memo to parents – members of the organizing committee
(for team olympiad and mathematical fighting)

You must ensure the implementation of the rules of the competition, the conditions of conduct and safety of participants, parents, teachers, order in the premises that are entrusted to you. Your responsibility lasts for the time of preparation for battles (MB) or during the team olympiad (KO).

Rules of conduct for teams during KO and MB

  1. Team members can enter the jury room for questions about the conditions of tasks or the rules of the event, as well as during the CE to pass the solved tasks. But no more than two students have the right to go out at the same time. This applies to both the needs specified in paragraph 1 and natural needs – toilet, coffee, etc.
  2. Team members cannot communicate with any representative of other teams on any issue in any situation – jury room, corridors, toilet, queue to the coffee machine, etc.
  3. You can not use any office equipment (laptops, iPods, tablets, etc.), you can not call your mobile phone, except for emergencies related to health or other after-hours.
  4. Upon completion of the team's stay in this audience, it is necessary to remove the garbage and leave cleanliness and order in the audience.

In case of violation of any of these

A member of the organizing committee (representative of the enemy team) should make comments to the team in case of violations of these rules. In case of repeated violation or not polite response to the previous one, a member of the organizing committee informs the senior jury member in this league. Then the jury decides on the future fate of the team in this round or even regarding further participation in the next stages.

Possible sanctions against violators

  1. Removal of the malicious offender from this event or from all subsequent events.
  2. Punishing the team with a certain penalty for this fight.
  3. Disqualification of the team for this tour.
  4. Disqualification of the team for the entire tournament.
  5. Disqualification of all/some team members for all tournaments that we will hold.


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