Rules of oral team olympiad

Rules of oral team olympiad

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The Oral Team Olympiad involves the participation of teams consisting of 5 to 12 participants. Each team is provided with a separate audience for work, all teams of the same league are given conditions of tasks at the same time. The goal of the team is to score as many points as possible by solving the problems.

Participants of each team have 3 hours to solve 8 tasks (if necessary, these parameters may vary depending on the situation in the direction of increasing or reducing the number of tasks or the time to solve them). At any time during this time, except for the first and last 15 minutes, each team can send any representative to tell the solution of an arbitrary task not yet solved by this command. At the same time, several different representatives from this team may be present in the audience, provided that each of them tells a different task.

The number of attempts to tell the solution of a certain problem is limited to three. If the correct solution is told at the first attempt, the team receives 7 points; if the correct solution is told on the second attempt, the team gets 6 points. If during the first or second attempt the participant, telling the solution, made a significant mistake or its solution has a significant drawback, the points are not credited to the team — but it can try to tell the solution of this problem two or once more.

On the third attempt, an impeccable solution will bring the team only 5 points. If there are errors in this solution, the jury can put for it any number of points from 0 (there is actually no solution) to 5 (errors are insignificant).

All decisions regarding the evaluation of the decision are made by the jury members who listened to it: independently or after consulting with other members. The jury is obliged to immediately (on the spot) inform the representative of the team that he told the solution, the assessment is assessed if this is the first or second attempt of the team for this task (the score, thus, is zero or the maximum score); the jury may not report the scores if this is the team's third attempt.

During the last 15 minutes, teams are no longer able to send their representatives to voice solutions, but they can still solve problems: at the end of the three-hour period, each team has the right to hand over to the jury a written solution to one (and only one) unresolved problem for which the team has not yet used three attempts. The maximum score for a written solution is estimated according to the number of attempts already used by the team for this task (that is, it can be equal to 7, 6 or 5 points). If there are errors in the solution, the jury exposes the team not the full score, but only the corresponding part of it.

The score put up by the jury is final. There is no appeal at this event. In particular, the team cannot appeal the score that it received for the written solution. If necessary, however, the jury may, during the verification of a written solution, contact the team representatives in order to obtain the necessary clarifications.

The result of the team is determined by the amount of points it scored for each of the tasks.


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