Carousel Agenda

Carousel Agenda

Arrival time and distribution by audience

Jury and student assistants arrive

The youngest league (7 classes)
Seniors in the league: Soroka Evgeniya, Maltsev Valery

The arrival of 930 jury members will be assisted by all students of group K15 (about 16), as well as all 2 students who volunteered to help on the carousel.

Junior League (8 classes)
Seniors in the league: Kravchenko Yuliia, Dmytro Tkachuk

The arrival of 1,000 jury members will be assisted by all students in group K11 and K14 (about 16), as well as all 3rd year students who can help.

Middle league (9 classes)
Seniors in the league: Olga Tkachenko, Kosteeva Olesya

The arrival of the jury members at 1030 will be assisted by all students of group K12 (about 11), as well as all 4th year students who can help.

Senior League (Grades 10-11)
Seniors in the league: Rudenko Alexander, Danilova Alla

The arrival of the jury members at 1030 will be assisted by all students of group K16 (about 11), as well as all students of 5-6 courses who can help.

Final list of participating teams

The registration process has ended, for the first time the carousel members themselves or their teachers have registered their participation. Not everything went smoothly, there were many doubles when registering, some other inaccuracies, but we more or less dealt with these problems. The main problem remains – this is a huge number of teams, which is growing from year to year. Therefore, the most important warning is not to come to unregistered teams and individual participants.

In general, the commands 43363038147
Gymnasium No 178312410
Lyceum "Holosiivskyi" No24122116
Lyceum No142332210
Lyceum No 20811
Scientific change632314
PNL No 14578419
School No 132213
School No 18211
School No 25011
School No 5241117

Distribution by audience

The youngest league (43 teams, starting at 945)

1Youngest LeagueCaptainCib.
1Gymnasium No 1781Wheat M.312
2Gymnasium No 1782Alexik N.302
3Gymnasium No 1783Stukin V.303
4Lyceum "Holosiivskyi" No2411Gumeniuk M.303
5Lyceum "Holosiivskyi" No2412Lewinsky O.304
6Leader61Zincius A.306
7Leader62Derechey A.308
8Leader63Gerasimenko I.309
9Leader64Gerasimenko V.310
10Leader65Ratarov K.311
11Leader71Oleksienko M.308
12Leader72Qingska E.309
13Leader73Bilibayev E.310
14Leader74Hochon N.311
15Leader75Sharov V.312
16Leader76Semenko D.302
17Lyceum No 1421Tsarist A.311
18Lyceum No 1422Leontieva M.312
19Lyceum No 1423Semikhina P.302
20Lyceum No 2081Nechiporuk K.306
21Scientific Change61Abdulaev A305
22Scientific Change62Kutsenko A.306
23Scientific Change63Lisovska E.308
24Scientific Change71Nikanov O.309
25Scientific Change72Krvchyshyn V.310
26Scientific Change73Aleshko A.311
27Polytechnic1Peas K.302
28prestige1Struk R.303
29Rusanivsky1Yurchik A.303
30Rusanivsky2Chuchkanov Ch.304
31Rusanivsky3Feschenko F.305
32Rusanivsky4Osadcha S.306
33Rusanivsky5Kochetkov Ch.308
34School No 521Chernysh D.15
35School No 522Lyashenko D.15
36School No 523Nikonenko D.16
37School No 524Shevchenko D.16
38School No 1321Medvedev E.304
39School No 1322Volokh A.305
40School No 1821Tokonyi V.310
41technical1Cat A.305
42technical2Witkin A.309
43technical3Krotevich V.310

Junior League (36 teams, start at 1015)

1Junior LeagueCaptainCib.
1Aerospace1Ilyash O.40
2Gymnasium No 1781Tarkaniy A.39
3Lyceum "Holosiivskyi" No2411Kuzmik T.40
4Lyceum "Holosiivskyi" No2412Matvienko V.42
5dialogue1Koich D.39
6leader1Ivanchyk G.39
7leader2Tsymbal I.39
8leader3Galagan N.40
9leader4Swan D.42
10leader5Moskalenko A.43
11leader6Simchuk O.43
12Lyceum No 1421Naida B.39
13Lyceum No 1422Ryabokon M.40
14Lyceum No 1423Bura I.42
15Scientific change1Tretyakova K.43
16Scientific change2Bobelev I.43
17Scientific change3Agapevich N.39
18Nivki1Musiyenko V.43
19PNL No 1451Potemkin L.42
20PNL No 1452Glukhovsky P.43
21PNL No 1453Karpiy S.43
22PNL No 1454Tsubina S.39
23PNL No 1455Polanska A.39
24PNL No 1456Bilokur M.40
25PNL No 1457Panasyuk R.42
26Polytechnic1Melnichenko O.43
27prestige1Scoupov S.43
28Rusanivsky1Yatskiv K.43
29Rusanivsky2Starodub V.43
30Rusanivsky3Kadyrov K.39
31Scandinavian1Kolesnik B.39
32Scandinavian2Melyalik N.40
33School No 2501Sydorenko D.39
34School No 521Denysenko A.43
35technical1Belarusian K.39
36UFML1Come O.42

2008 – 2007 – Did not match

1Middle LeagueCaptainCib.
1Gymnasium No 1781Grigorovich O.1
2Gymnasium No 1782Razumovska D.1
3Lyceum "Holosiivskyi" No2411Savchuk I.1
4dialogue1Short R.1
5leader1Reshetnikov V.1
6leader2Danilova Yu.1
7leader3Bashuk O.1
8Lyceum No 1421Malivanchuk I.1
9Lyceum No 1422Yakovlev A.1
10Scientific change1Jourba M.1
11Scientific change2Orkusha A.1
12Nivki1Wrestler M.1
13PNL No 1451Flying squirrel M.1
14PNL No 1452Pavlov A.1
15PNL No 1453Photo P.1
16PNL No 1454Dimura S.1
17PNL No 1455Gromovich O.1
18PNL No 1456Blacksmith P.1
19PNL No 1457Gudzenko D.1
20PNL No 1458Gorovskyi I.1
21Polytechnic1Semenyuk A.1
22prestige1Chernenko O.1
23Rusanivsky1Kurbatova S.1
24Rusanivsky2Fedorenko O.1
25School No 521Melon V.1
26technical1Shch upak D.1
27UFML1Pysanka N.1
28UFML2Pysanka N.1
29UFML3Pysenko N.1
30UFML4Pysynka N.1

Senior League (38 teams, start at 1045)

1Major League BaseballCaptainMm
1Gymnasium No 1781Ant D.45
2Gymnasium No 1782Borozenets M.41
3Gymnasium No 1783Gunko O.44
4Gymnasium No 1784Ishchuk D.42
5Lyceum "Holosiivskyi" No2411Sitnychenko D.41
6dialogue1Yaremenko V.45
7Leader101Babienko I.45
8Leader102Kiwwa Ya.44
9Leader103Olnesiuk I.42
10Leader111Alyokhina A.45
11Leader112Tailor O.45
12Leader113Torbin A.41
13Leader114Krasko I.41
14Leader115Fedorchuk B.44
15Lyceum No 1421Chromets B.45
16Lyceum No 1422Sharp-top A.41
17Scientific change1Vorontsov P.45
18Scientific change2Pushkin D.41
19Scientific change3Klybanivsky V.42
20PNL No 1451Koliadenko P.45
21PNL No 1452Holtsov I.41
22PNL No 1453Mytsenko D.44
23PNL No 1454Yelagin V.42
24Polytechnic1Aksyonenko I.45
25Polytechnic2Number O.41
26prestige1Ursul V.41
27Rusanivsky1Motarnaya Ye45
28Rusanivsky2Stepanenko N.45
29Rusanivsky3Pavliuk V.41
33School No 1321Yurkevych V.42
34School No 521Gormeshko O.44
35technical1Saprykin V.44
36UFML13000s (2010)45
37UFML2Vyshenska I.41
38UFML3Visenska I.42

Arrival time for the mathematical carousel September 14, 2014

830 Information Support Group to configure technology and the Internet.

900 Heads of the Jury and their deputies in each league to prepare audiences for the carousel (division of teams, placing plates with team names, etc.). Be sure to have tape, scissors, stapler)

945 members and jury members of the youngest league
(Faculty of Cybernetics, Audience 302–312)

1015 teachers and team leaders to discuss the principles of

The 11th Lesya Rublev Mathematical Fights Tournament
(Faculty of Cybernetics, Audience 221)

1015 junior league members and members

(Faculty of Cybernetics, Lecture Audiences 39, 40, 42, 43)

1045 members and jury members of the middle league

(Faculty of Cybernetics, Lecture Audience 01)

1045 members and members of the senior league jury
(Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, lecture halls 41, 42, 44, 45)

Recall that the competition in each league will last 120 minutes, accordingly, you can calculate the oriented time of completion of the competition in each league.

At each of the boundaries, teams will have 20 tasks.

Tasks will be provided to all teams in the same sequence – from the 1st to the 20th.

Awarding of carousel winners will take place before the start of the next stage of the competition – oral team olympiad.


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