Our first meeting is Sunday, September 14, 2014

Our first meeting is Sunday, September 14, 2014

About All-Ukrainian events

As a result of the very difficult situation in the country, it will be very, very difficult to accurately predict the course of events. You can see our preliminary plans on this site, but whether they will be fully implemented and within the specified time frame is unknown. Here an attempt to save heat in the winter can play a big role, which each region can decide in its own way. Since we have a certain number of all-Ukrainian activities, certain organizational difficulties are possible when conducting them. Therefore, please immediately report changes to the schedule of the school year in your regions. This is especially true for the holiday period – autumn, winter and spring. And also be mobile if for the event we will change the timing of their holding.

About plans of Kyiv events for the first semester

During the carousel on September 14, it is very important to gather teachers and team leaders of all teams who plan to participate in our events during the first semester. It is at this meeting that the timing of the upcoming events and plans for the whole semester will be agreed. Since almost everyone will be interested in also looking at the course of the carousel, I ask you not to be late for this meeting and to be more constructive during the meeting.

For the most part, these issues will concern the holding of the 11th Kyiv Tournament of Mathematical Battles named after Lesya Rublev, although not only. Senior leagues in this tournament are pre-planned:
The youngest league (7 classes) Soroka Euge
Junior League (8th grade) Kravchenko Yuliia

Secondary league (9 classes) Tkachenko Olga
or League (10-11 classes) Rudenko Alexander and Danilova Alla. During the registration of jury members, we will distribute them in the leagues, as well as the seniors in the leagues will select 1-2 deputies.

About the mathematical carousel for students in grades 7-11

The mathematical carousel is scheduled for September 14, 2014 at the Mathematical Faculties of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

Registration for participation in the mathematical carousel
from September 1 to September 11, 2014

For a start – as always, there are no restrictions on the number of teams. The most important thing is to register them in a timely manner. The last registration period is Thursday September 11 at 21.00. If in any league there is an extraordinary selection of teams, then the organizing committee reserves the right to limit their number for those educational institutions that expose their excessive number in this parallel.

The carousel, like the entire 11th Lesya Rublev tournament, will be held in 4 age leagues – the youngest (7 classes), the younger (8th grade), the middle (9th grade) and the older (10-11 classes). Acceptable participation of some teams in an older parallel by prior agreement with the organizing committee.

Registration is open on the website of

To do this, fill in the following fields:

  • Educational institution
  • League
  • Number of teams in this league
  • For each team write the surname and name of the team captain and teacher.

For example:

Lyceum Leader
Major League Baseball
2 teams
Leader-1 (captain – Anchor Mikhailik, teacher Polonskaya V.B.)
Leader-2 (captain – Soroka Yevheniya, teacher Zinchenko O.G.)

From the experience of past years, the last point is new, but very important. This will require teachers not just to say – 5 teams, but to really warn children who are playing in which team. It is clear that if there are a huge number of teams in each league, it is important that at least children do not run and ask each other – and with whom I am and what is called (what number) our team has. It is very undesirable to disappear (not arrive) some registered commands on the carousel and it is completely unacceptable to appear on the carousel in a timely manner unrecogued commands.

Now we present a preliminary schedule of the event. Closer to the event, its clarifications are possible, as well as an accurate distribution of audiences for each parallel and each team will be given.

Arrival time for the mathematical carousel September 14, 2014

900 Information Support Group to configure technology and the Internet.

900 Heads of the Jury and their deputies in each league to prepare audiences for the carousel (division of teams, placing plates with team names, etc.). Be sure to have tape, scissors, stapler)

945 members and jury members of the youngest league

1015 teachers and team leaders to discuss the principles of

The 11th Lesya Rublev Mathematical Fights Tournament

1015 junior league members and members

1045 members and jury members of the Middle and Senior League

Recall that the competition in each league will last 120 minutes, accordingly, you can calculate the oriented time of completion of the competition in each league.

At each of the boundaries, teams will have 20 tasks.

Tasks will be provided to all teams in the same sequence – from the 1st to the 20th.

Awarding of carousel winners will take place before the start of the next stage of the competition – oral team olympiad.


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