Appeal to future jury members

Appeal to future jury members

You see on the site about our plans for next year, and that's not all. Therefore, in order to carry them out normally, in addition to the organizers of these events, a jury is very necessary. The success of the events depends to a large extent on the qualified and productive work of the jury. Therefore, I appeal to you all with a fairly simple request. If you plan to join our jury, then respond to this message properly. A regular request to properly evaluate your special has been assessed as well as the desire to work in our team. We must understand that we are all doing a common cause. Therefore, to work quietly, in case of problems – to solve them in such a way as not to offend anyone, etc. Since our competitions are held for students from 4 to 11 grades, their level – from district, city competitions to international, then everyone will be able to find their niche, where it will be most useful. Of course, sometimes you have to work not where it was planned, but where certain inconsistencies and disputes arose. But all these are working moments, the most important thing is your desire.

Last year, the jury consisted of about 130 people, mainly students of mathematical faculties of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Of course, when conducting All-Ukrainian events, representatives of other regions join the jury, but still the lion's share is made up of Kyivans.

We will use last year's base only if we see that again, despite all the requests, the members of the potential jury will respond very sluggishly, and the first competition is scheduled for September 14, and it is one of the largest. Last year there were about 130 teams on the mathematical carousel. There is no hope that there will be significantly fewer teams yet, although it is possible that we will introduce certain restrictions. For example, no more than 3-4 teams in one league from one institution, if the number of orders exceeds the reasonable limit. But about it later.

Now I ask the jury members to fill out electronically the following items of the questionnaire.

1. Name.
2. Course, faculty and university studies.
3. In which league you are best to work: (the youngest – 6-7 classes; junior – 8 classes; secondary – 9 classes; senior – 10-11 classes).
4. Portrait photo (downloaded separately, at the following link: download photo)
5. Contact information:

  • mobile phone
  • Email
  • Skype
  • other sources.

Also indicate whether you need to send an SMS to the specified mobile phone about the nearest competition.


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