Plan of work at the meeting

Plan of work at the meeting

Reserve group.

Classes for the first 3 days are planned as follows.

June 7 (Sat) 9.30 – organizing (Bogdan Rublev)

9.59 – Max chaudhary

June 8 (Sun) 9.30 – Bogdan Kiwwa

June 9 (Mon) 9.30 – Danylo Hilko

What kind of topics are going to tell you these days, lecturers, if desired, will write themselves in the comments, because according to the preliminary plan, the topic of classes is quite diverse.

Further work will be clarified at the organizational meeting, we will determine the days of rest and work during the days of the State Tax Administration

IMO Group.

June 7 (Sat) 9.00 – organizing meeting (Bogdan Rublev)


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