Final composition of participants of training meetings

Final composition of participants of training meetings

Dear participants of the training meeting. Most of the participants are students of the 9th grade, who this June pass exams / certification. We became aware that, for example, in the Lyceum "Leader" with the term of the meeting (June 7-20) the following exams intersect: June 10 – geography, June 13 – mathematics, June 16 – biology. If these dates are common to all 9th grade students, then we will simply make these days a planned weekend, or on this day all the work will be carried out in the afternoon. If there are other exams in different educational institutions (possibly in other areas), then let us know so that we can coordinate the group's work in a convenient way. Please do not hesitate to answer.

The group is formed and no further applications are accepted.

Students who have expressed a desire and have the following opportunity are invited to the meeting (the second group:

  1. Kivva Yaroslav (9th grade) Lyceum No 171 "Leader"
  2. Anastasia Lukyanova (10th grade) Lyceum No 208
  3. Firstenko Valeriy (grade 10) Oleksandrivska gymnasium (Sumy region)
  4. Koshel Anastasia (9th grade) Lyceum No 208
  5. Oleksiuk Ivan (9th grade) Lyceum No 171 "Leader"
  6. Babienko Ilya (9th grade) Lyceum No 171 "Leader"
  7. Manikin Boris (10th grade) Lyceum "Scientific Change"
  8. Trigub Anton (8th grade) Gymnasium "Academy"
  9. Lipartia Nino (10 class) FML No 27 (Kharkiv)
  10. Sigetiy Yaroslav (10th grade) of UZSI with PPOP (Uzhhorod)
  11. Kosyuk Ivan (9th grade) Lyceum No 171 "Leader"
  12. Nguyen Chung-yong (9th grade) Lyceum No. 171 "Leader"
  13. Reshetnikov Vsevolod (8th grade) Lyceum No 171 "Leader"
  14. Skybytsky Nikita (9th grade) Lyceum No 208
  15. Pushkin Denys (grade 9) Lyceum "Scientific Change"
  16. Gunko Oleksandr (9th grade) Gymnasium No 178
  17. Sapranov Mykola (9th grade) Lyceum No 25 (Zhytomyr)
  18. Meentyeva Ada (10th grade) Lyceum No 171 "Leader"
  19. Sergei Milantiev (9th grade) Lyceum No 208
  20. Nartsev Denys (grade 9) UFML

The first meeting will take place on June 7 at the UFML at 9.30. Soon the program of work by days will be provided. Those who are also willing to join this group – respond, or, if someone has changed their minds, then this should also be warned in a timely manner. As for the IMO group, all the planned participants are ready to start work, which can not but rejoice.


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