Regulations on the selection and training meetings in mathematics.

Regulations on the selection and training meetings in mathematics.

Training fees consist of tours of the Olympiad and training seminars. 4 rounds of olympiad are held. According to the results of the points scored for 4 Olympic tours, the rating of participants is formed. People who take 1-6 places in this ranking can be invited to the team of Ukraine for the international olympiad in mathematics.

In the case when it is impossible to unambiguously determine 6 students according to this rating, the participants who scored the same number of points are gradually selected in the team according to the following indicators:
1) the number of tasks behind which the non-zero a
ssessment is behind;
2) the number of tasks for which there are more t
han 5 points;
3) the amount for the three
best rounds;
4) b
est tour;
5) the result of the last All-Ukrainian Olympiad.

First, those participants who have the best first indicator are added to the team; if an equal situation is formed again, then those participants who are equal in the 1st indicator and claim a place in the team, sort by the 2nd indicator, again choose the best and the rest, if you need to sort by the 3rd indicator, and so on.


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