Iolympiady's play for 4-6 grades.

Iolympiady's play for 4-6 grades.

Opredelen day and time of the playwing of the wanderers Vtoroy olympiady Kiev national university name of Taras Shevchenko in mathematics for schoolmen 4-6 classes.

May 17 at the Faculty of Cybernets of our university will be a day of open doors. The program will be an iolympiad for students of 11 classes, a shot with the hands of the faculty, etc. Bole details the faculty's foreong plans (thursday, May 15) and will take a look at the website of the Faculty of Kivennetics. (on the

Play at 10.00 in auditors 01. That's not going to move the carnal graph of the meropriyaty, please do not get caught.


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