Preliminary results of the Olympiad year

Preliminary results of the Olympiad year

Little by little, the next academic year ends, and our Olympiad competitions end with it. Among those remaining recall such.

Kiev events – Olympiads and exams of most educational institutions of Kiev. For greater consistency and coordination during their implementation, we suggest to provide on the sites the date, place and time of their holding.

International events – performance of the ukrainian girls' team at the 3rd European Olympiad in Mathematics among girls – Alyokhina Anastasia, Dubova Sofia, Kucherenko Anastasia and Khotyantseva Natalia (April 10-16, Turkey, Antalya).
– festival of lyceum "Leader" (first half of May).
– Ukraine team's performance at the IMO (July 3-13, South Africa, Cape Town).

All-Ukrainian events – selection for the IMO (May 12-18, UFML), training meeting of the team and its nearest reserve on the eve of the IMO (June 7-27, UFML).

If there are any clarifications and additions, please write here to let all stakeholders know about it. We will also be happy to present the materials that you want to place here – conditions and solutions, results, photos, etc.

Regarding the preliminary results of this year

First about the shortcomings. The participation of our participants in three international events at once was disrupted – Romanian Masterz (was canceled by the organizers), the All-Russian Olympiad (as a result of Putin's aggression, we refused to support this event) and the Balkaniad (the term of its holding on May 2-7 was very close to the date of selection for the IMO, most of the participants who got to the selection – refused to participate, and to carry the second syllable and even to a rather expensive event.

It was just as unfortunate that some of our events coincided with other events held by other organizers. In some cases, a compromise was found (conducting additional rounds of mathematical battles), and in some, unfortunately, not (Rusanivska Olympiad and thematic Olympiads).

On certain achievements this year. In addition to the fact that we held at the proper level a number of traditional events, both official (2nd – IV stages of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad) and founded (X-1 kyiv tournament of mathematical battles, Olympiads for 4-6 classes, etc.). At the same time, we resumed after a year-long break of the All-Ukrainian tournament, as well as founded new ones. This is an unofficial (so far) selection of the Ukrainian team to participate in international olympiads, a mathematical carousel for grades 4-6. With selected students, the part-time form of work is carried out in the form of a newsletter of monthly appots and short-term fees with their processing. Thematic Olympiads (in algebra, geometry, number theory and combinatorics). How much and new events will become appropriate and interesting will show their further implementation.

Next Year's Deals

When the competition schedule becomes so tight, I suggest acting like in football. Even before the full end of the previous year, the governing international football institutions give the main dates of international competitions (matches of national teams, dates of Euro cups, etc.), this allows all local federations to draw up a schedule for domestic competitions in advance.

Similarly, I propose to give the dates (accurate or indicative) of those Kyiv and All-Ukrainian events that we plan to hold next year.

September 14 Mathematical carousel for students of 7-11 grades – the beginning of the Kiev tournament (CT)

September 28 Oral Team Olympiad (CT)

October 12, 2015 – 1:30 AM

19 October Mathematical carousel for grades 5-6 (CT)

October 25 – November 2 (or shift per week, during the autumn holidays)

All-Ukrainian Tournament of Mathematical Battles

November (mid) 2nd round of mathematical battles (CT)

November (middle) Mathematical abaca for grades 5-6 (CT)

November 23 – 28 selection of Ukraine's team for international Olympiads

December (middle) 3rd round of mathematical battles (CT)

February selection of Kyiv team for the All-Ukrainian Olympiad

February 15, 3 Kyiv City Olympiad for schoolchildren of 4-6 grades

March (beginning) Romanian Masters

March 15, 3rd Olympiad of KNU for pupils of 4-6 grades

March (end) All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Mathematics

April (first weekend) thematic Olympiads of algebra, geometry, number theory and combinatorics

April (middle) 4 European Girls' Olympiad

It should be added that in the first semester there is a schedule of district Olympiads in Kyiv, which is currently unknown and may affect certain events. Also unknown are the timing of the Kyiv City Olympiad, the selection for the IMO, the exact dates of international events. But I believe that the benefit of preliminary coordination of our future intentions will be.

All stakeholders have time to either agree on the dates of their events or propose more appropriate dates for general events. So, we expect feedback.

In conclusion…

We have something to be proud of this year. This is the first time the selection of potential contenders for the IMO team with a further attempt to systematically prepare them (it was somewhat spoiled due to the political situation in the country). This is the participation of 112 teams in the mathematical carousel among students of grades 7-11. These are 1190 participants at the city olympiad in Kiev. These are 58 teams in the carousel for students of 4-6 grades, and 574 participants in a personal Olympiad…

But in the end, all our work will be evaluated mainly as a result of the Ukrainian team's performance at the IMO… Unfortunately…

Many thanks to all the sacraments to our interesting business. Without you, nothing would have been possible. These are children-participants of the competition, teachers and heads of clubs, parents and relatives, students – members of the jury and organizing committee, teachers of universities who pass on their experience to young people.

Sincerely to all Bogdan Rublev


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