Carousel for students in grades 4-6

Carousel for students in grades 4-6

The formation of teams that expressed a desire to play on Sunday, December 1, in the mathematical carousel was made. Here are these commands:

Educational institutionsGrade 4Grade 5Grade 6
132 school111
School No52045
School No62001
Ecology and culture011
Lyceum No2081
Gymnasium No178121
School No 155101

We will make the following clarifications:

1) Teachers and parents should definitely check if all your orders are taken into account correctly. This was not easy to do – the site, telephone, personal communication and even the old OBS mail… If something is wrong, immediately notify me to correct inaccuracies in a timely manner in any of the following ways.

2) If several teams are stated in parallels from your school, please assign them numbers in advance so that the children know exactly what their team is called (Leader-2, NZ-4, etc.) and immediately look for a sign marked with their team.

3) It is desirable that the children-participants have time to familiarize themselves with the rules of the carousel in order to spend less time preparing for the competition.

4) the team from the school "Ecology and Culture" in the 6th grade consists of 3 of its students, as well as this team includes single participants: Solovyanchyk Kostya, Moskalkov Anton and Burdeiniy Artem.

5) Each team must have 5-6 participants. You can and 7, but only in the form of an exception to the rules.

6) Carousel in 6th grade will start at 10.00, all teams will be in the audience 01. It will last 90 minutes, on both frontiers the teams will have 15 tasks.

7) Carousel in 5th grade will begin at 10.30, teams will be in audiences 39, 40 and 42. It will last 90 minutes, on both frontiers the teams will have 15 tasks.

8) The carousel in 4th grade will start at 10.30, all teams will be in the audience of 43. It will last 75 minutes, on both frontiers the teams will have 15 tasks.

9) small non-specific changes are possible in this schedule, and therefore follow the messages on the site, as well as on the announcement directly on the day of the carousel at the Faculty of Cybernetics.

10) Please respond to everyone who wants to help as a jury, not only students, but also high school students from leading mathematical institutions. I'm waiting for your help.

See you soon, I'm waiting for feedback.


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