Carousel for student 4-6 classes.

Carousel for student 4-6 classes.

The teams that showed up to play in the resurrected 1 december in the mathematics carousel have been finished. Team:

Uchebnye zavydye4 class5 class6 class
132 school111
School No52045
School No62001
Face Holoseevski No241122
Ecology and culture011
School No 155101
Face No208010
Gimnazia No178121

trans Carousel for student 4-6 classes.

Sdelaem the same clarification:

1) the teacher and the fertile will surely turn, correctly and learn all your order. Eto was not easy to sleut – the site, telephone, face-to-face and even the old pochettino OSCE … Esla something is wrong, sorely soobshchnye mne for his eureminal inaccuracies love from the enumerable methods.

2) esla your student's introduction to the stated insees of teams in parallels, then, pity, it's too early to assign the numbers, that the detached know, as the team (Lyder-2, NZ-4, etc.) and immediately jumped a sign with his own team.

3) gelatoly, that the details-attendees will sign with the rules of the carousel, that less will waste time on the preparation of the sorenovenyu.

4) the team from the school "Ecology and Culture" in the 6th grade of the hundredth grade from 3 of its students, as well as the team is added to the team singles: Solovyanchik Kostya, Moskalkova Anton and Burdeiniy Artem.

5) in the say team dolzhyty beat 5-6 participations. You can do 7, but only in the output of the rules.

6) carousel in 6th grade will begin at 10.00, all teams will be in auditors 01. There will be 90 minutes, on both frontiers of the team will be 15 tasks.

7) carousel in 5 classes will begin at 10.30, teams will be in auditoriums 39, 40 and 42. It's 90 minutes to go, and the team will have 15 goals on both boundaries.

8) carousel in 4 classes will begin at 10.30, all teams will be in the auditors 43. He sings 75 minutes, and the team will have 15 goals on both boundaries.

9) in the etom of the order of the unscrupulous unscrupulous unsuitable ismenenny, and then sledgehamics on the site, and also on the object undisciplined on the day of the carousel at the Faculty of Cybernetics.

10) I ask you to call all the gel-gully uriguls in the duck-like festura, not only students, but the older graders from the leading mathematics. I wish you help.

To the shot, I'm going to be a svyazy.


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