The candidates from Ukraine to the Ministry of Defense will be selected for the international sorenovanye and preparation of candidates from Ukraine at the Ministry of Defense.

The candidates from Ukraine to the Ministry of Defense will be selected for the international sorenovanye and preparation of candidates from Ukraine at the Ministry of Defense.

Maybe it's a good time to give a to the part of the experiment. Bole 40 of the participations showed zhelanye and the power to bring participation in the etom, obviously, the slogan ispitany. I will bring from somewhere a list of non-Kiev players, the populous bolshinity of the organizations of the organizations of the kasayuts is cashed in namely.

  1. Bass Ivan Konstantinovich , Dnipropetrovsk region
  2. Vo Dinh ThanH Fong , Harkov Region
  3. Egor Gelenko , Dnipropetrovsk region
  4. Dubovaya Sofya Andreevna , Kharkov region
  5. Dumbay Aleksei Dmytryevych , Donetsk region
  6. Taras Zhylenko , Kharkiv region
  7. Ivanova Kira Igorevna , Dnipropetrovsk region
  8. Kalashnikov Vadym Yurevych , Kharkiv region
  9. Korchemnaya Vyktoria Sergeevna , Vynnitsa region
  10. Nyno Jamblyvyn Lipartia , Kharkiv region
  11. Oleg Lukyanyhin , Sumy region
  12. Aleksandr Malakhov , Zaporozhye region
  13. Vladyslav Mykhaylyuk , Dnipropetrovsk region
  14. Netesa Vladimir Igorevych , Donetsk region
  15. Oleg Nikolaev , Kharkiv region
  16. Opryshko Iraida Konstantinovna , Kherson region
  17. Palko Nazariy Yinevych , Lviv region
  18. Rostyslav Ponomarev , Kharkiv region
  19. Denys Anatolevych Rastorgev , Kherson region
  20. Dmitry Andreevich Samchenko , Zaporozhye region
  21. Sviatokum Polina Olehovna , Kharkiv region
  22. Wednesday Alexander Aleksandrovich , Kherson region
  23. Yaroslav Igorevych Siget , Zakarpattia Oblast
  24. Sylyna Olga Igorevna , Kharkiv region
  25. Denys Smirnov , Kharkiv region
  26. Tarasenko Vladyslav Vadymovych , Dnipropetrovsk region
  27. Ulyanych Mykhar Hannadevych , Kharkiv region
  28. Andrey Uralsovsky , Kharkiv region

The UFML's manuquel reshiloe guest-likely spreads the boundaries for settlement and questioning of the participants of this meropriya, and after that everything is muffled by the life of edina semye vmeste. Therefore, who nashel second variants settlement in the result of prevariant obience to facetedness, can change their plans. Esla there are zhelanye live and asked otdelno, as eto be delat Kievlyane, so I do not ikyem nikki resurrected.

Now it's about the head. Esla someone is ashamed of the plans of the otbor (for example, pain or semester, etc.) ask us to pre-emptively. Esla we have a slyly prosochlysly oshibka and syda fell particient, kotoryy and did not sobly be involved in the otbore and you are bothered and soobshchnoyu on the etom.

We will be used by the participation in the flow of all time in the UFML . For this vmeste with some will live two overgrown – Konstantin Bas (Dnepropetrowsk, the pope of one of the participaters) and Thermal Dasha (Harkov). There will be a smague for our participation in the ducks. In the bolshoi degree eto kasaet mistress Constantine , the glass Dasha glazed like a member of the jury and will turn the work of the participaries and otvechutsy vprosy in the current turov. All our participants are abundancely overgrown , but we ask , that your resinists knew where you are coming .

Afterwards, we ask the teachers to take part in the delivery of mitai and UFML learners in a resurrected dinner and on a Saturday night. Also, on a good day on Friday, you will be helped by a free-for-all at home. For this gelately soobschiators vremya prybytya in Kiev and k UFML. I'm sure the UFML is razpolzheny in the metro station "Hippodprom".

The members of the dolzhenny yimet 2 tetradas on the same tour.

Now it hurts more about meropriya. I think that the entrants from Kiev syma poymut, on their plans, on the same fate.

Meropritia program

Risen, November 24

1000-1900arrival and razmeschenye participations from the second vegetable gardens in the UFML

1900–1930 – Uzhin

25 Noyabrya, 25 Noyabria

830–900 – Tomorrow

900–915 – Orgvoprosy otnosytelnoy uzytysya otbora

915–1345 – 1st round of the otbora

1400–1430 – Obed

1430–1530Shot with the organizing committee of the otbor

1430–1900 – Proverka workot

1900–1930 – Uzhin

Tuesday, November 26,

Sreda, 27 Noyabrya,

Thursday, November 28,

830–900 – Tomorrow

15–1345 – Othorednoy tour

1400–1430 Obed

1430–1900 Proverka workot

1900–1930 – Uzhin

Friday, November 29

830–900 – Tomorrow

930–1400 – Appellation

1400–1430 – Obed

1430–1900 – Podveenye itov and razedzd on the atma


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