Carousel for apprentices 4-6 grades

Carousel for apprentices 4-6 grades

The second semester for the learners of the 4-6 grades will hold two olymmpiads: Gorodskuyu and iolipyad of the Kiev university named after Taras Shevchenko, prima facie in the head of the febrile and in the concept of martha. The name of the seismic time conducts an analogic sorenovnaya with us net zhlania. The test will once-in-a-century depict the cycle of a soaring mathematics carousel. Eto interseminal dynamic sorevnoye, kotoree polzuyetsye in the whole parallels, poet ideye, that's ono so pontwyty and students 4-6 classes. At least we'll have to be so eto or no.

The most important shortage for young mathematicians is sostoit in volume, that is, command-team sorovnovenye. And we can see from somewhere this way out. I ask all teachers from the leading mathematics students to be brought in, kotoriye hotat delegate their students to the carousel, soobschiye on the etom. In the case of three parallels, the carousel will be held, esla my sobers do not me 5 teams. Date of the carousel – 1 December 2013 hours. The detail of my soobschim poszhe, kogda feel, that ideya said delnoy and e edobryayut young mathematicians, y y give birth and teacher.

Otnosytelnoyh otdelnyhh student, taught in the classrooms, where there is no zhelanya and resentance will deliver a celium competitive team , my inferior sledding image. You're soothing about your gelane, soobschivatsya organs and somewhere in commentaries, and on the phone or electronnoy start. You are dolny soobschischiy FIO , class and phone for svyazy with you, esla we have something to name, that's why we will protect you in your own way. All such participations of my tasteful image will be united in teams of 5-7 learners for the full-time participation in sorenoveny. Overgrown, kotoriye will be a way to make such a registracy, soak the uriettos of the children will sign with the rules of the carousel.


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