Carousel for students grades 4-6.

Carousel for students grades 4-6.

In the second semester for students in grades 4-6 we will be hold two olympiads –  city and olympiad of Kyiv Taras Shevchenko University, around the beginning of February and the end of March. Therefore, it is quite similar conduct competitions we do not desire. Try to vary the cycle carousel mathematical competitions. It's an interesting dynamic competition, which is popular in all parallels, so we hope that it will also enjoy and pupils of 4-6 classes. At least we will experience so or not.

The main drawback for young mathematicians is that this not team competition. And here we see a way out. We are all teachers of the leading mathematical schools wishing to delegate their students on the carousel, report it. In each of these three parallels carousel will be made when we gather at least 5 teams. Date of carousel – December 1, 2013. We will inform you later aout details when you feel that the idea appeared plausible and is approved by young mathematicians, their parents and teachers.

For some students studying in classes where there is no desire or possibility to put a competitive team, we are going to do so . You should inform your wish by contacting the organizers or here in the comments or by phone or email . You must report name, grade and phone number to contact you if we change anything , so we had to warn you . All these members we will artificially combined in teams of 5-7 students to complete your participation in the competition . Adults who will facilitate the registration please help children become familiar with the rules of roundabouts .


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