About the selection for the international competitions and training of candidates from Ukraine to IMO.

About the selection for the international competitions and training of candidates from Ukraine to IMO.

We can finally draw a line under this year's experiment participants. More than 40 participants expressed their willingness and ability to take part in this obviously difficult challenge. Here is a list of all participants who are not from Kiev, as most organizational issues are specific for them.

  1. Bass Ivan Konstantunovuch, Dnipropetrovsk region
  2. Vo Dinh Thanh Phong, Kharkov region
  3. Helenko Yegor Vladislavovuch, Dnipropetrovsk region
  4. Dubova Sofia And, Kharkov region
  5. Dumbay Oleksiy Dmutrovuch, Donetsk region
  6. Zhylenko Taras Maksimovic, Kharkov region
  7. Ivanova Kira Igorivna, Dnipropetrovsk region
  8. Kalashnikov Vadim, Kharkov region
  9. Korchemnyy Victoria Sergiivna, Vinnitsa region
  10. Lipartia Nino Dzhambulivna Kharkiv region
  11. Luk'yanyhin Oleg Vadumovuch, Sumy region
  12. Malakhov, Alexander Igorovuch, Zaporozhye region
  13. Mikhailyuk Vladislav Yuriyovuch, Dnipropetrovsk region
  14. Netosa Vladimir Igorovuch, Donetsk region
  15. Nikolaev Oleg Romanovuch, Kharkov region
  16. Oprishko Iraida Konstantunivna, Kherson region
  17. Palko Nazar Zinovuyovuch, Lviv region
  18. Ponomarev Rostislav Vladimirovich, Kharkov region
  19. Rastorguev Denis Anotoliyovuch, Kherson region
  20. Samchenko Dmitri Andriyovuch, Zaporozhye region
  21. Svyatokum Polina Olegivna, Kharkov region
  22. Sereda Alexander Olexandrovuch, Kherson region
  23. Szigey Yaroslav Igorovuch, Transcarpathian region
  24. Silina Olga Igorivna, Kharkov region
  25. Smirnov Denis Olegovuch, Kharkov region
  26. Tarasenko Vladuslav , Dnipropetrovsk region
  27. Ulyanich Michael Gennadiyovuch, Kharkov region
  28. Urazovskyy Andrew Vladuslavovuch, Kharkov region

UFML leadership decided to push the limits of hospitality for lodging and meals for participants of the event, so all are welcome to live as one family together. Anyone who has found other options for settlement due to the previous announcement of limitations can change their plans. If you want to live and to eat separately, as it will make the people of Kiev, then also we do not have any objections.

Now the main thing. If someone changed plans for a visit to the project (eg, illness or family circumstances, etc.), please immediately notify us about it. If we have inadvertently error occurred and this was the participant who was not going to participate in the selection and you know about it, just let us know.

We will look after the participants throughout the duration of their stay in UFML. To this, together with the children will be staying two adults – Konstantin Bass (Dnepropetrovsk , father of one of the participants) and Teplova Dasha (Kharkiv). They will try to look after our members as caregivers. To a greater extent this applies to Mr. Constantine as Dasha invited as a member of the jury and will check the work of the participants and answer questions during the tour. All our members are old enough, but we ask that your teachers know where you are.

So we ask parents, teachers to care about your children and students arriving to UFML on Sunday evening or Monday morning. It is also the last day on Friday you must provide a safe departure home. For this purpose, it is advisable to inform the organizers arrival in Kyiv and to UFML. Recall that UFML located near the metro station "Hippodrome".


Participants in itself must have 2 notebooks for each round.

Now, more details about the program of the event. I think most members of the Kyiv understand which of these planned actions, they must also be.


Sunday, 24 November

1000–1900Arrival and accommodation of participants from other cities to UFML

1900–1930 – Supper

Monday, 25 November

830–900 – Breakfast

900–915Questions concerning the conditions of selection

915–13451 st round of selection

1400–1430 – Dinner

1430–1530Meeting of members with the organizing committee of selection

1430–1900Checking work

1900–1930 – Supper

Tuesday, 26 November – Thursday, 28 November,

830–900 – Brekfast

915–1345 – Next tour of selection

1400–1430 – Dinner

1430–1900 – Cheking of works

1900–1930 – Supper

Friday, 29 November

830–900 – Breakfast

930–1400 – Appeal

1400–1430 – Dinner

1430–1900 – Summing up and going home


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