On selection for international competitions and preparation of candidates from Ukraine for the IMO

On selection for international competitions and preparation of candidates from Ukraine for the IMO

We have reached a fundamental agreement for this event, so we will write about its holding in as much detail as possible so that everyone has time to prepare in a timely manner. The entire selection will be held under the auspices of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv in the UFML.

Program of the event

Sunday, November 24

1500-1800 arrival and settlement of participants from other cities to the UFML

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

1000–1430 – four rounds of selection, in each 4 tasks


1000-1700 – appeal, summing up and in the afternoon – home departure

Invited Attendees

  1. Evgeniy Diomidov Kyiv
  2. Kalashnikov Vadym Yuriiovych Kharkiv region
  3. Dubova Sofia Andreevna Kharkiv region
  4. Ivanova Kira Ihorivna Dnipropetrovsk region
  5. Vladyslav Tarasenko, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast
  6. Vladyslav Mykhaylyuk, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast
  7. Andrei Selyvanov (Dnipropetrovsk region)
  8. Palko Nazariy Ynovych Lviv region
  9. Andrey Glebov
  10. Volodymyr Netyosa, Donetsk Oblast
  11. UFML Chorny Mykhailo
  12. Aleksandr Malakhov Zaporizhia region
  13. Oleg Lukyanyhin Sumy region
  14. Wednesday Oleksandr Oleksandrovych Kherson region
  15. Samoilova Olga Nikolaevna Kyiv
  16. Dumbay Oleksii Dmytrovych, Donetsk Oblast
  17. Oprishko Iraida, Kherson region
  18. Vo Dean Thanh Fong Kharkiv Region
  19. Denys Smirnov Kharkiv region
  20. Alyokhina Anastasiia Oleksiivna Kyiv
  21. Oleg Nikolaev
  22. Lipartia Nino Jambulivna Kharkiv region
  23. Khotyantseva Nataliia Volodymyrivna Kyiv
  24. Korchemna Viktoriia Serhiivna Vinnytsia region
  25. Taras Lylenko Kharkiv region
  26. Sigetiy Yaroslav Ihorovych Zakarpattia Oblast
  27. Silina Olga, Kharkiv region
  28. Mikhail Ulyanich Kharkiv region
  29. Ilya Babienko Kyiv
  30. Andrey Gurazovsky Kharkiv region

This measure has not yet received an official statute, so we will conduct it on our own, from here it is clear that we cannot take the costs for ourselves. The cost of meals and accommodation is 120 UAH per day, so each participant will have to pay 600 UAH for participation in the event. We hope that the management of educational institutions in each region will understand the importance of their students' participation in this event and will not shift the financial burden entirely on the shoulders of parents.

I ask all students from this list as soon as possible to either confirm their participation in the event, or inform the organizers about their impossibility (preferably for reasons), or unwillingness (here you can not explain anything) participation.

To everyone else. If you are the winner of the 4th stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad of the past or the past year and are not on this list, then there are no fundamental objections regarding your participation in the event. Just to settle in the UFML unlimited number we are not able to. This is one of the reasons for the limited list. Another reason is just as clear. Not all students of grades 9-10 are still ready to compete on equal texts with 11th graders, so it is necessary to really evaluate their strength. These 5 days will be held not as preparation for olympiads, but purely as a selection. Therefore, if you consider yourself worthy or really want to try your hand at this selection, then you should take care of your stay in Kyiv during these days. Perhaps not all of the listed will be able or will want to participate in it, and therefore some of the reserved seats will be freed. In any case, keep in touch with the organizers. So that your plans do not contradict our capabilities.

About the results of the selection

Based on the results of the selection, we plan to select the best in the amount of 6 to 10, the exact number will be decided by consensus of the entire jury. We hope that all our strongest students will not ignore this event and the selected group will become the basis of the Ukrainian team for IMO-2014 in the summer. But according to the results of the official selection, which according to the current Regulations should take place in the spring with the participation of the 12 best of the last All-Ukrainian Olympiad

With these selected students, we will carry out ongoing work on preparation for participation in IMO-2014. These are set-ups and monthly meetings in Kyiv for personal communication, as well as participation in prestigious international competitions. In particular, RMMS, and possibly some others.

Four girls who will show the best result among girls will represent our country at the 3rd European Girls' Olympiad (EGMO-2014), which will be held in the spring in Antalya (Turkey).

In general, this event would like to be made regular, but if it does not justify itself for one reason or another, then we will draw conclusions regarding its holding next year – rejection or change of format…

I am waiting for feedback from all interested


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