On the selection for international sorenovenye and preparation of candidates from Ukraine at the Ministry of Defense

On the selection for international sorenovenye and preparation of candidates from Ukraine at the Ministry of Defense

We have reached the basic soglassion on the conduct of this meropriya, so I will write about the ego to conduct as much as possible, that all the inherits will be prepared. The whole otbor will be carried out by The Kiev National University of The Name of Taras Shevchenko in the UFML.

Meropritia program

Risen, November 24

1500-1800 arrival and settlement of international participation in the UFML

Thursday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

1000–1430 – four rounds of otbor, in 4 tasks


1000-1700 – appellation, podvezdy and ambassador obeda – razedzd on the atma

Glazed participations

  1. Diomidov Eugenie Alekseevich Kiev
  2. Kalashnikov Vadym Yurevych Kharkiv region
  3. Dubovaya Sofiia Andreevna Kharkiv region
  4. Ivanova Kira Igorevna Dnepropetrovska region
  5. Tarasenko Vladyslav Vadymovych Dnepropetrovska region
  6. Vladyslav Mykhaylyuk Dnepropetrovia Oblast
  7. Andrey Andreyevich Selyanov
  8. Palko Nazariy Yinevych Lviv region
  9. Glebov Andrey Igorevich Sevastopol
  10. Netesa Vladimir Igorevich Donetsk region
  11. Cherny Myakhal Grigoriev UFML
  12. Malakhov Alexander Igorevych, Zaporozhye region
  13. Oleg Lukyanyhin
  14. Wednesday Alexander Aleksandrovich Kherson region
  15. Samoilova Olga Nikolaevna Kiev
  16. Dumbay Aleksey Dmytryevich Donetsk region
  17. Opryshko Iraida Konstantinovna Kherson region
  18. Vo Dinh Thanh Fong Kharkiv Region
  19. Smirnov Denys Olehovych Kharkiv region
  20. Alekhina Anastasiia Alekseevna Kyiv
  21. Oleg Nikolaev
  22. Nyno Lybartia, Harkov region
  23. Khotyayntsev Natalya Vladymyrivna
  24. Korchemnaya Vyktoria Sergeevna Vynnitsa region
  25. Taras Zhylenko Kharkiv region
  26. Siget Yaroslav Igorevych Zakarpattia Oblast
  27. Sylyna Olga Igorevna Kharkiv region
  28. Ulyanych Mykhar Hennadevych Kharkiv Region
  29. Babienko Ilya Rostislavovych Kyiv
  30. Andrey Urazhovskyi, Harkov Region

Eto meropriyate e have not yet received the official status, the ego is carried out by my own forces, otsuda obviously, that my brother can not go to the sebya. One hundred people will pay 600 UAH for participation in meropritia. Nadeemsya, that the handle of the offending of the articular region will take the weight of the participation of their learners in the etom of meropriya and will not translate the financier's limo to the shoulders of the ancestors.

I ask all the learners from this list that you can choose and affirm your participation in the meropriya, or soobschiators about their inaccession (gelately for reasons), or nezhelanye (from somewhere you can not obstezhny)

Ko all last. Esla You are the winner of the 4th ethap of the All-Ukrainian Olymphaads of the sleazy or out-of-the-way and did not fall into the list , then the principles of the assailant's participation in the meropry net. Just settle in the UFML unearthly when we are not in the sorority . That's one of the reasons for the list's facet. The second reason is so conceptual. Not all students of 9-10 grades are ready on raviny soppernyh on single texts with 11-year-olds, then really get to know their strength . 5 days will pass not as a preparation for iolympiads, but even as a otbor. Poet, esla You read sebya worthy and eyes want to try your strength in the otbore, then you will be at your own prebivany in Kiev in the flow of these days. It is possible that not everything is brought to the list of smog and will want to attract participation, and then master the incoherent mesta from the reserved . In any case, keep your priests with the authorities. That your plans did not contradict our authorities.

On itogi otbora

According to the results of the otbor, we plan to elect the luscies in the former from 6 to 10, exactly when the consensus of the whole jurit. We will be endeping up, that all the strong-necked students do not ignore the eto meropriye and the elected group will become the let of the main team of Ukraine at THE MO-2014. But according to the results of the official collection, the kotoryy soglasnoyuscheye Dolzhenyu dolzheny pass spring with the participation of 12 lushy posledyshy All-Ukrainian olympiady.

With these elected students, my will be conducting a stand-up work on the preparation of participation in the MO-2014. Eto and set-ups, and ezhemesyachie stuck in Kiev for face treatment, as well as participate in prestigious interdunarodnyh sorenovnaya. Frequent RMMS, and can be in the second.

Four nines, kotoriye show the result of the devuszek will represent our execution on the 3rd European iolympiade sredy devusek (EGMO-2014), kotoraya will pass spring in Antalya (Turkey).

In total, the mayor wanted to be a regular one, but ono sebya's esla does not justify the topics or other soobrazhenye, then my sdelaem you will otnosytelno ego conducting in a sledgehammer h – otkaz and zymenye format …

I'm going to get all the interest.


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