New standard graph of the boja.

New standard graph of the boja.

About our far-right plans

The 7th All-Ukrainian turnstile of the mathematics battles will come to the site, not only the results will appear on the site, but the photos of the gallery and the word with a full-scale decision of the all meropriyaty – carousels, commando oil boev, face oil, regatta and abaks.

Now come back to our mayors. The 2nd round of the X-th Kyiv Turner was scheduled for the resurrected 17th november. Ishodya from the analiz of the predetermined turovs and the heat of the slashed fly, we have to change the standard graph of the battles. In this way, the first test of this graph will hold 17 noyabrya. In the ascension of the lack of an ego, will be menace and ego. Causes of takov's ismenenia:

  • I would like to, that's why the eldest lyga in the period of winter and winter time ran for fear earlier, and then the start of the sdelane wound.
  • Bolshinity of 7-class learners do not take full 3 hours of work in auditors, after which the time of the fight is 30 minutes.
  • Sooveshchnye with capitanes, my will be carried out not by one-time so all 46 capitans, but by the snooty: snag the older lyga, give a mladshuyu and sedniyu, and settle on the owl's arrival chapels of the most mladsha teams.

In the countess, the battles were carried out
X Kiev turnary of the mathematics ba
by Lesya Rublevo

Izhoda iz analizya conduction of the first fear, as well as the interview of the forebearing turnstiles in the way of the way, we will introduce sledgehamphate in the writings of the posselyusya turin Kiev turnary. They are introduced in order to:

1) for all the face is stuffed with one-time. In the word of the donuts and winters, eto the consolation of the older lyga, where often the battles are delayed for aesthetic reasons, the house is resurrected earlier;

2) the learners of the 7th, horses, 6th grades sit heavily in the same auditors in the flow of 3 times, and then time on their podsyaem 30 minutes;

3) along the corridors postoyanno will dejure members of the jury, in the violation of the rules and the fundamental conduction of mathematics battles, in frequentness – the use of therapy, the substituting of the mobynyh devices, the rushing along the corridors and the generalization with members of the second teams, etc. – the team will be ordered – here is the enumeration of the time in the battle to disqualification for the whole turnstile.

New standard graph of the matboy ieet like this:

845 Prytytye on the boy of the elders on the lyge

mesto sbora – auditory of the fusion 01 (FC)

855 Prybite captains of the senior league teams for the deuter's set

mesto sbora – auditory of the fusion 01 (FC)

900 Matching senior teams for problem solving

mesto sbora – auditors, pre-appointed teams (FC+MMF)

930 Prytytye on the boy of the elders on the steel lyga (the most mladshaya, mladshaya and srednyaya)

mesto sbora – auditory of the fusion 01 (FC)

955 Prytytye kapitanov commands midday and mladshey lyga for the polcheny set

mesto sbora – auditory of the fusion 01 (FC)

1000 Prybye commands in the 1st and 10th leagues for solving problems

mesto sbora – auditors, pre-appointed teams (FC+MMF)

1025 Prytytye kapitanov commands samay mladshey liga for the polcheny set

mesto sbora – auditory of the fusion 01 (FC)

1030 Prybye commands of the most mladshei lyga to solve problems

mesto sbora – auditors, pre-appointed teams (FC+MMF)

1030 Prybye all members of the jury, attracting participation in the jury

mesto sbora – auditory of the fusion 01 (FC)

900–1300 Solving tasks by teams of the older face (grades 10-11)

mesto sbora – auditors, pre-appointed teams (FC+MMF)

10001300 Solving tasks by teams of mladshey and middle leagues (grades 7-9)

mesto sbora – auditors, pre-appointed teams (FC+MMF)

1030–1300 Solving tasks by teams of self-pancakes (6-7 classes)

mesto sbora – auditors, pre-appointed teams (FC+MMF)

12301300 Soveshchnye teachers and team handlers

mesto sbora – auditory 221 (FC)

1300 Bosses all over the lyga

mesto sbora – auditors, prescribing teams for battles (FC +MMF)

On the ooveshchnya teachers of their own time it was made a decision about the countess conducting the post-eminent tours of the mathematics battles. This is the resurrection:

17 November (2nd round), 8 December (3rd round) and 22 December (4th round).

Eto beat the selection of teachers, as if to raspredelye ykhodnye deti with four district yimmipiads and second moments. For sozhalenia, gorazdo poszhe became unusual about the date of the iolimpiady Patnema on mehmate namely 8 Dec. Obviously, from somewhere there are problems when carrying out two meropriyat one-time.

1. It is a frequent student, kotoriye are members of the gurma of our turnstora, in the olimpiade Patnema.
2. Mehmat's frequent audience will be hired.

In fact, both problems are not unprecedented. In our gushes in the etom no problems with the quorum for the jurry, then I can calmly let all the gels take part in the olympiad.

The auditor is also a half-bragging for conducting and olympiady and turnsticks.

Nevertheless, the ethos of the wopros assailant, and after that the teacher of the dolzhny will be re-entched and on the back of the 17th day will bring the 3rd round date. An alternative date can come out resurrected, 1 December, but opposed to this date is the same as resurrected.

Krome turnstils in our plans to hold another meropriya, kotoroe my will conduct "to hear first." Accurate, in the way of hours, the test of the ethos of meroprobryatia in the forees of Kiev was carried out. 25 November on Friday 29 november otbora sredy young mathematicians of Ukraine according to the results of the All-Ukrainian olymyads . In Kiev will be glazed with the eye of 30-40 student . For them, I will conduct 4 rounds sorely (Mon, W, Wed, Thu) in the format – 4 tasks for 4.5 times a day . On Friday, an appellation was planned for all 4 – x tours. Upon completion of this collection, I will be opredeleny luchshie, we will be superimpted, that is, namely, the basis of our team at THE MO -2014. With the selected students from the decembrium on the yun will be carried out a sootvetstvyuschiye podroka, planned and part in interdunarodnyh sorevannyh .

The list of meropriyate eto meropriyate my brought inscore, as well as sdelaem prevarational preparation for the normal conduction of this meropriya. Get the news in a jump and read on the site.


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