New standard battle schedule

New standard battle schedule

Download the new standard battle schedule

About our future plans

The 7th All-Ukrainian tournament of mathematical battles has ended, soon not only the results will appear on the site, but photos of the gallery and conditions with the full solution of all events – carousel, team olympiad, fights, personal Olympiad, regatta and abaka.

Now let's go back for our further action. The next 2nd round of the 10th Kyiv tournament is scheduled for Sunday, November 17. Based on the analysis of previous tours and the experience of previous years, we decided to change the standard schedule of fights. Thus, we will conduct the first test of this schedule on November 17. In case of shortcomings of this approach, we will change it as well. The resonances of such a change are as follows:

  • I would like the senior league in the period of winter and winter time to finish the fighting earlier, so their beginning will be made earlier.
  • Most 7th grade students cannot withstand the full 3 hours of work in the classroom, so we reduce their preparation time for the fight by 30 minutes.
  • We will hold a meeting with the captains not simultaneously with all 46 captains, but consistently: first the senior league, then the junior and middle, and the last captains of the youngest teams will arrive at the meeting.

Changes to the schedule of fights
X Kiev Tournament of Mathematical Battles
named after Lesya Rublev

Based on the analysis of the first fight, as well as from the experience of previous tournaments in previous years, we will introduce such changes in the schedule of the next rounds of the Kyiv tournament. They are dictated to:

1) The fighting in all leagues will start simultaneously. In autumn and winter, this will allow senior league players, where often fighting is delayed for natural reasons, to return home earlier;

2) students of the 7th and, of course, 6th grades find it difficult to sit in the same classroom for 3 hours, and therefore we reduce the time for their preparation by 30 minutes;

3) the corridors will constantly be alternated by the jury, in case of violation of the rules and principles of mathematical battles, in particular – the use of literature, the use of mobile devices, useless wandering the corridors and communication with members of other teams, etc. – the team will be punished – from crediting the defeat in this fight to disqualification for the whole tournament.

The new standard battle schedule looks like this:

845 Arrivals to Fight Seniors in Senior League

place of collection – jury audience 01 (FC)

855 Arrival of senior league team captains to receive assignments

place of collection – jury audience 01 (FC)

900 Arrival of senior league teams to solve problems

gathering place – audiences assigned to teams (FC+MMF)

930 Arrival to fight seniors across all other leagues (youngest, junior and middle)

place of collection – jury audience 01 (FC)

955 Arrival of captains of middle and junior league teams to get tasks

place of collection – jury audience 01 (FC)

1000 Arrival of middle and junior league teams to solve problems

gathering place – audiences assigned to teams (FC+MMF)

1025 Arrival of captains of the youngest league team to receive tasks

place of collection – jury audience 01 (FC)

1030 Arrival of the youngest league teams to solve problems

gathering place – audiences assigned to teams (FC+MMF)

1030 Arrival of all jury members who will participate in the jury

place of collection – jury audience 01 (FC)

900–1300 Problem solving by senior league teams (grades 10-11)

gathering place – audiences assigned to teams (FC+MMF)

1000–1300 Problem solving by junior and middle league teams (grades 7-9)

gathering place – audiences assigned to teams (FC+MMF)

1030–1300 Problem solving by teams of the youngest league (grades 6-7)

gathering place – audiences assigned to teams (FC+MMF)

1230–1300 Meeting of teachers and team leaders

place of collection – audience 221 (FC)

1300 Start of fights in all leagues

gathering place – audiences assigned to battle teams (FC+MMF)

At a meeting of teachers at one time it was decided on such a schedule for the next rounds of mathematical battles. These are the following Sundays:

November 17 (Round 2), December 8 (3rd round) and December 22 (4th round).

It was the choice of teachers, how best to distribute weekends to children, taking into account district Olympiads and other points. Unfortunately, much later it became known about the date of the Student Olympiad Putnam on Mehmat on December 8. It is clear that there are certain problems when conducting two events at the same time.

1. Employment of some of the students who are members of the jury of our tournament, in the Putnam Olympiad.
2. Some of Mehmat's audiences will be occupied.

In fact, both of these problems are not insurmountable. In our jury this year there are no problems with the quorum for the jury, that is, we can safely let everyone who wants to participate in the Olympiad.

Audiences are also quite enough for the Olympiad and the tournament.

Nevertheless, this issue arose, and therefore teachers should consult again and at a meeting on November 17 to adopt the final date of the 3rd round. An alternative date may be Sunday December 1, but there is also objection against this date.

In addition to tournaments, we plan to hold another event, which we will hold "almost for the first time". More precisely, last year the test of this event was carried out within Kyiv. This fall, from Monday November 25 to Friday November 29, the selection among the best young mathematicians of Ukraine according to the results of all-Ukrainian Olympiads. About 30-40 students will be invited to Kyiv. For them, 4 rounds of competitions will be held (Mon, W, Wed, Thu) in the format – 4 tasks for 4.5 hours each day. On Friday, an appeal is planned for all 4 rounds. Upon completion of this selection, the best will be determined, we will hope that they will form the basis of our team at IMO-2014. With selected students from December to June, appropriate training will be carried out, their participation in international competitions will be planned.

We will provide a list of invitees to this event soon, as soon as we make preliminary organizational training for the normal holding of this event. Expect news soon and read about it on the site.


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