About the jours of the 7th All-Ukrainian Turnstil

About the jours of the 7th All-Ukrainian Turnstil

About the jours of the 7th All-Ukrainian Turnstil

Already well-formed teams, kotoriye will be part of the turning. In the central league – eto two teams "Lyder", as well as the team of the face "Nautnaya Smen" will be able to represent the two dimes of gimnasya No. 178, as well as the sbornaya UFML will be able to represent the face "Prestige".

Now it's about the jours.

Conceptually, that seychelles we do not need to show so many members of the jury, as we do not need to go to the Kiev turnary. At the same time, I have formed a small second brigade for serving four tour boe. There are brigades of soderzhat 5-8 members under the management of the older brigade. At the age of older, there is a lot of otvetstvennosti. All because it will pass on weekday days, kogda students have 3 pairs. Similarly, the second dela – modules, consulting, the fourth pair, etc. Poetmo senior kazhdoy brigade dolzhen will be in the battle of his brigade of 3 to 5 members. The day of the battles – on AVender, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for the jours will be decapitate the bus face "Lyder", in the kotor 38 mest. There will be a sorrow ambassador of the third pair of members of the jury with the other side of our faculties and will be sent rovno in 1405 in the face of "Lyder". In the expensive members of the jury smog signovysya with the tasks of fear, in the face of 1440 to 1500 zhydaet obed, and rovno in 1500zhlatelno teach boi. Skolka turnstile on self-insination, then for the zhury my order rovno 40 obedi, that does not pay the remaining middle of the participations. Esla gets so that the brigade does not recruit three members on one day, and the eldest himself can not arrive at the boy on the day, then need to soglassy vypros so senior on the lygas or his supersets.

trans About the jours of the 7th All-Ukrainian Turnstil

The eldest lyga – Anikushin Andrey and Tkachenko Olga.

The center of the lyga is Danilova Alla and Ostapchuk Margarita.

Mladshaya lyga – Kryukova Galina and Soroka Eugenia.

The pre-election brigades were brought in. It does not appear to be edict, when ascension to the vorosov – get tinewed with the handle of our guir. But it's too early! The officers in the brigades are written first.

That of the members of the jury, who did not get on the list, will not be dolny. It's just that the jury members are juy. Esla you have a zhelanye, breathing and time in kakoy-something from the bottom of the house is a part in the gurries, then you can simply come to the face of "Lyder" and you will be included in one of the brigades, where you will be in the future.

Now you're going to be resurrected.

On Saturday, I made a urisel for the carousels of my students. We need 20-25 members of the jury, after all the second members of the jury, someone wants to uricle – suck, and someone wants a saturday dinner and will take up the second dela – pity.

The team's olymeada will be resurrected. Anikushin Andrey will be the proverkoy and podvedy of itogogoy ethiotypes, kotoriy made for the following members of the jury: Dashkov Alexander, Kyvva Bogdan, Rudenko Alexander, Cherny Maksym Kravchenko Yuliia, Soroka Eugenia, Kolyanko Mykhal, Snozyk Vlad, Shupletsov Dmitry, Bondar Eugeniy and Markovich Alexander. Pity, esla someone can not bring participation in the etoy proverke, then in the morning predupredyte, that you will be replaced.

Brigades of jours in the older face:

Alexander Rudenko

Olga Tkachenko

Khilko Danylo

Bondar Eugeny

Aleksandr Markovichenko

Anna Onishchenko

Buzuev Yvan

Bogdan Kivva

Piscun Aleksey

Dudenko Sergej

Daniel The Nipple

Alexander Dydkovsky

Moyak Mihil

Kuzmin Aleksey

Vitaliy Lishunov

Mikhail Kuznetsov

Iryna Kuznetsova

Black Maxim

Dmitry Lysovskiy

Pipko Anna

Pavliuk Marya

Koliadenko Marya

Svydersky Cyril

Alexander Dashkov

Yury Malytskoy

Alexei Kinsihin

Former Nicolas

Demianchuk Ivan

Kuzmin Aleksey

Mykytyuk Denys

Brigades of jours in the lyg:

Maliy Valentyn

Chernova Oksana

Franchuk Vasyliy

Olefirenko Alyna

Gregory of Sharman

Daryna Kravets

Anton Pugach

Anastasiia OfKalynska

Ostapchuk Margarita

Shevchuk Yevhenii

Alexandra's Tenth

Lykhovyd Yevhenii

Scheltinyn Cyril

Chateauhin Mykhayl

Perkova Mary

Kosteeva Olesya

Brigades of jour in the lyge:

Dmitry Shupletsov

Snosik Vladislav

Martynenko Dmitriy

Olefirenko Alyna

Alexander Lynets

Kolyanka Myhal

Baranov Vladimir

Kryukova Halyna

Taras Pavlov

Arseny Derkach

Alyna Rozhkova

Shuklin Sergej

Evgeny Kuznetsov

Karpov Dmitriy

Yuri Shishatsky

Shcherba Andrey

Kravchenko Yuliia

Dmitry Tkachuk

Kharitonova Elena

Forty Eugenia

Rosemary Angelina

Marina Nemyrovsky

Taran Denys

Bogdan Sadovenko



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