About the jury of 7th all-Ukrainian tournament

About the jury of 7th all-Ukrainian tournament

About the jury of 7th all-Ukrainian tournament

Finally were formed teams that will participate in the tournament. In the average league – the two teams from ''Lider'' and team from "Naukova Zmina" lyceum along with two representatives from school №178, and the team UFML together with a representatives from "Prestige" lyceum.

About the jury.

It is clear that now we do not need as many members of the jury as in the Kiev tournament. Therefore, we will establish several other brigades to work in four rounds of fighting. They include brigades of 5-8 members running for senior team. This senior league is a big responsibility. All fights will take place on weekdays , when students usually have 3 pairs . It is also possible other important things – modules , consulting , fourth pair and so on. Therefore, each senior team should ensure participation in the battle of his crew from 3 to 5 members. Every day battles – on Monday , Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for the jury will pick up bus Lyceum "Lider" with 38 seats. He will wait upon the third pair of the jury at the back side of our faculties and depart promptly at the Lyceum in 14-05 "Lider" . On the way, juries are able to see battle tasks at the lyceum, at 14-40 and 15-00 dinner awaits them, and at exactly 15-00 fights start. As the tournament on self-financing , then we order the jury exactly 40 meals to avoid paying extra costs involved. If it turns out that the team is not recruited three members of a certain day, or a senior he can not come to fight a specific date , there is need to agree on the issue of in senior leagues or their deputies.

Senior League – Anikushin Andrei and Olga Tkachenko.

Average league – Alla Danilova and Hrytsay Margarita.

Junior League – Kryukova Galina and Soroka Eugene.

The previous list of people in brigades is below. It is not final, if you have questions – contact the leadership of our jury. But do it early! Seniors in teams written first.

Those members of the jury who are not ranked in this list should not be offended. Just need to reduce the number of jury members. If you have the desire, inspiration and time some of the day to join to participate in the jury, then you can just in time to get the lyceum "Lider" and you include one of the teams where this is appropriate.

Now about Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday I was invited to help students on the carousel. We need about 20-25 members of the jury, and all the other members of the jury who wants to help – join, and who want to relax on Saturday evening or do other things – be free.

In Sunday the team olympiad will be held. Checking and summarizing this competition will be driven by Anikushin Andrew, who asked that  jury for this: Dashkov Alexander, Kivva Bogdan, Rudenko Alexander, Chornuy Maksim, Julia Kravchenko, Soroka Eugene, Kolyanko Michael, Snozyk Vlad, Shuplyetsov Dmitry Bondar Eugene and Markovichenko Alexander. Please if someone can not participate in this test, then advance upfront, that you had to be replaced.

Brigades of juries in senior league:

Rudenko AlexanderTkachen

ko Olga

Hilko Danil

Bondar Yevgen

Markovichenko Oleksandr

Onuschenko Anna

Busuev Ivan

Kivva BohdanPiskun Alex

Sergey Dudenko

Soskin Daniel

Didkovskiy Alexander

Michael Moyak

Kuzmin Olexiy

Lishunov Vitaliy Kuznyetsov Michael

Irina Kuznetsova

Black Maxim

Dmitry Chasovskyy

Pipko Anna

Mary Pawluk

Kolyadenko Maria

Swiderski KyryloDashkov Alexander

Malitskyy Yuri

Kisluhin Alex

Kolinko Nicholas

John Demyanchuk

Alexey Kuzmin

Mykytyuk Denis

Brigades of juries in average league:

Maluy Valentyn Chernova Oksana

Franchuk Basil

Olefirenko Alina

Sharmanskyy Games

Tailor Daria

Anton Pugach

Kaminska Anastasia

Ostapchuk Marharyta Shevchuk Eugene

Desyaterik Alexandra

Lykhovyd Eugene

Shchetinin Kyril

Michael Shatokhin

Maria Perkova

Kosteeva Olesya

Brigades of juries in junior league:

Shuplyetsov Dmytro Snozyk Vladislav

Dmitry Martinenko

Olefirenko Alina

Lynets Alexander

Michael Kolyanko

Vladimir Baranov

Kryukova Galina

Pavlov Taras Derkach Arseniy

Rozhkov Alina

Sergey Shuklin

Evgeny Kuznetsov

Dmitriy Karpov

Shishatskiy Yuriy

Scherba Andrew

Kravchenko Yuliya Tkachuk Dmitry

Elena Kharitonov

Soroka Eugene

Rozmarytsya Angelina

Nemirovsky Marina

Taran Denis

Sadovenko Bogdan



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