Informational soobschenye

Informational soobschenye

Ministry of Imagery and Science of Ukraine
Kiev National University of The Name of Taras Shevchenko
Kyiv-Cave face No. 171 "Lyder"
Beneficial fund of maternal oilseeds in Ukraine "Afina"

Informational soobschenye

For the program of work with the well-known youth of Kiev national university named after Taras Shevchenko, Kyiv-Pechersky face No. 171 "Lyder" and the charitable foundation "Afina" plan to hold "Sedmoy All-Ukrainian turnary of the mathematics battles" name of the academy of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Lyashko I.I. for Ukrainian young mathematicians 7-11 classes.

Srocks held turnstils from October 26 to November 2, 2013

The organs and coordinator of the turnstile is The Kiev National University of The Name of Taras Shevchenko and Kiev – Cave face No. 171 " Lyder " at the sub-state of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Sorevnovanya will be held in four resurrected groups : Samaya mladshaya lyga ( 7 classes ) , mladshaya liga ( 8 classes), middle hypoga ( 9 classes ) and the older lyga ( 10-11 classes). The program of the turnstil is planned 4 rounds of mathematics battles, a mathematics carousel, a team oil and an ust-like face oil. In the middle of October 30, the day of otdykha in the program turnstoriary . All the gelling of the turnstile smogoat on the etoth of the day will attract participation in the mathematics iolymphaede , held in the UFML and consecrated 50 – flying ethos of the considered student and to spend the day with the internet cultural program.

The set of the turnstite is ready to journos All-Ukrainian olympiady on mathematics . Soglasno deustyuschem " I will provide about the All-Ukrainian scientists iolympiads on basic and special disciplines, turnstiles … " etot Turnir is carried out as part of the sediationary constituents. The winners of the All-Ukrainian olymyads on mathematics of all urovnay, teams of leading mathematics students of Ukraine are gleaned in Turnyre, as well as all the teams from the school or region, or otdelnye participations .

Participation in the turning will bring teams to the 6 apprentices in the lyge. Otdelnye shkolnyky , esla y school and region did not send the full team to the 6th school in the openly lyge , will be united in the sborn teams for full-time participation in sorenovennyh.

For the registry of the team or individual participations do not go to 13 October 2013 apply for participation of the presedate of the rublev Bogdan Vladislavovich by phone 0505613964 , and / or electronnoy start . Instead, we ask for the same basic svedation of the handshake command, ego contact phones and electric addresses. The application for participation may be submitted by the pre-donors of schools and university, handlers of mugs and electives, pedigrees and schoolgoers . Kazhdaya application will be rassmotrena and on nay will be made sootvetstvyuscheye decision. 30 teams will not be able to participate in the turnstil smog. There are 4 teams in the league, in the second – from 6 to 12 teams . The list of teams and learners , kotorye will attract participation in the turning, will be presented on the site .

Turnier is carried out on the basis of self-foundation. The organs of delivery for the second part of the turnstil and the handle of the team is not Kievstani sostavlyaet 1700 UAH , for Kiev – 500 UAH . Eta summa included races for the living and questioning of the turnskins and team handlers , on the management and conducting of the turnips . In the case of the half-life of the beneficial , sponsorship and help, the organizing committee is set up for the soboy right of the far right of the magnitude of the organizing wozos.

Start addresses of the organizing committee : 01015 , g. Kiev , ul . Leipzig 11a , phone . (044) 280-7506 , 280-5315 . The presedate of the office of Turnir is the director of Kyiv – Cave Face No. 171 " Lyder " Kravchenko Dmitry Grigoriev.

Payment of the organs of the departmental well-being can be made by the undisclosed face-to-face in the mests of living in the cass office of the turnier on the prezhdevremennyy soglasovnaya with organizing committee, or k 15 October 2013 will enumerate the nameless on the screen "Blagodytelnyi fund" Requisitions of the Charitable Foundation "Afina":

Beneficial organs "Charitable Foundation" "Afina"

04071, 11th 11th Yaroslavskaya, 4b

Schet No 26001000028862 PJSC Ukrsotsbank

MFO 300023 EGRPOU code 36138219

The estuarily, the team's handler overcomes the hoof of a soot-vetting payment surety with a otmetkoy can of deneg.

Program of the 7th All-Ukrainian turnstil of the mathematics battles

26.10 (subb) Arrival, settlement, open, "Matematic carousel"

27.10 (s) Command oil

28.10 (Mon) 1 tour of the mathematics battles

29.10 (W) 2nd round of the Mathematics Bowl

30.10 (wed) iolymphatic, consecrated 50-year-old UFML

31.10 (Thu) 3rd round of the Mathematics Bowl

01.11 (Fri) 4th round of the mathematics battles

02.11 (subb) ustnaya face oil, close, razezd


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