Stanford Math Tournament 2022 Registration

Stanford Math Tournament 2022 Registration

The 2022 Stanford Math Tournament (SMT) is an annual math competition for high school students that aims to encourage interest in math by providing students with the opportunity to work on fun and challenging problems. There will be two iterations of the competition – SMT and SMT International. SMT will occur virtually on Saturday, April 16th 2022 from 8am – 5pm PT. SMT international will tentatively occur on Sunday, April 17th 2022 from 3 am – 10 am UTC. Students from the United States, Canada, and other North and South American Countries must participate in SMT. Students from Asia, Australia, and Oceania must participate in SMT International. All other students may choose which version of the contest they would like to participate in depending on time zone preferences.

Registration for our tournament is open now! This year, registration is open to any middle or high school student (age 9 and older) currently located anywhere in the world! The registration deadline is 11:59pm PT on April 2nd with the late registration deadline on April 8th. For more information about  tournament and registration please visit  website.


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