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About Akademeia High School

The best way to think of Akademeia is as a pre-university university. We offer young people a combination of academic excellence and individual pastoral care to provide the best possible preparation for life both at university and afterwards. The teaching faculty, graduates of the most prestigious universities, are selected for their expertise in their chosen fields. Our approach to education is reflected in the school’s interdisciplinary teaching programme which shows our students potential career pathways and enables them to make the best choices.

All classes are conducted in English. We are an accredited UCAS, Cambridge International, Edexcel (Pearson) and AQA examination centre. We offer a SAT/ACT exam course for students applying to American universities and a range of co-curricular activities, including Law, Debating, Coding, Scientific Research Methods, Music, Drama, and Creative Writing.

Akademeia aims to support exceptionally capable young people through scholarships. Up to a fifth of our students qualify for scholarships, creating a diverse student body. Akademeia has a boarding house for students from outside Warsaw.

We invite all self-motivated, hardworking young scholars with ambition as well as students achieving outstanding learning results to apply for the Academic Scholarship at Akademeia.


– Online application submission
– Applications review by Scholarship Committee

– Scholarship Admissions Weekend (tests, university lectures, individual meetings with our teachers and Scholarship Committee)
– Final decisions

The scholarship includes the financial provision of total or partial funds to study at our high school.
Our scholars’ university destinations:
– Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge
– Mathematics, University of Cambridge
– Biochemistry, University College London


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